WTG #COMMUNIST Media, Who Managed To Keep Almost EVERY “American” I Know Distracted From TX Tragedy

WTG #COMMUNIST Media, Who Managed To Keep Almost EVERY “American” I Know Distracted From TX Tragedy

Very well done, Komrades!! You did it again.  You managed to keep most Americans totally in the dark regarding TX tragedy.  No big news sites even covered the story, not a one (just a little here and there).  Only the few we know here cared about what happened in West, TX.   Even the really wacky conspiracy websites are diverted off of what happened near Waco.

 Why is the event in Boston more important?  Because a Muslim perp’d the crime? Is that all?  I guarantee that if it was some ghetto black, nobody would have given a damn.  Just as they rarely ever care how many whites are beaten, robbed and murdered by ghetto blacks…    Why does one act of crime manage to grab the attention of everyone? Why? Why are the lives of these Texans thought of as less?  Do you EVER ask yourself why you were only interested in Boston? Dumb Sheep.. Did you think that Obama stopped his march of ‘progress?’  Well, he continued.  You were losing more liberties as the O admin used Boston.  You only lost liberties as fellow Americans in TX lost lives, homes, jobs & apartments in a blast that they are conspiring to call an ‘accidental fertilizer explosion‘.  Authorities have recovered 14 bodies and a majority of them were firefighters and emergency medical workers.

Can you ADMIT that the only thing you really cared about is that some Muslims got caught in Boston?  The same way that the Commies only care if a white dude perps a horrific crime??  That’s really all anyone cared about.   And, the MSM banked on that...and do they ever know you well… You were played like a FOOL and still are.

Meanwhile, TX suffered a terrorist attack that has been covered up since the day it happened:

Excellent work, Commies.

This is the “American” way now.  We care about TX as much as we care about OBAMA droning innocent civilians and children in Yemen and Paki.  We brought drones to these other countries and now the ‘drones on us’.  Don’t think so? ASK TEXANS.