WAR COMING? #RUSSIA & #ukraine Testing “Blast Doors” & Bomb Shelters. USA Has NEITHER

WAR COMING? #RUSSIA & #ukraine Testing “Blast Doors” & Bomb Shelters. USA Has NEITHER.

WTG USA! Joe-Bama is starting a war in Ukraine against Russia and here at home, we have NO ‘bomb blast’ doors or bomb shelters. Democrats are a REAL Blast!

Some speculate that USA may just start this insanity if Alexei Nalvany is harmed: White House warns Russia will face consequences if Alexei Nalvany is harmed …. Imagine that? Nalvany is a Russian Conservative. So, harm any ol’ Conservative here in the states, OK. Harm a Conservative Russian and they’ll start a war. Sick, psychopathic, pathetic, satanic, demented, anti American Leftists.


Cities in Ukraine and in Russia have begun testing the NUCLEAR BLAST DOORS installed in their public subway systems which are some (not all) of the BOMB SHELTERS for their population.  The USA, has NONE.

The rest: Read over at Hal Turner’s & watch the video. He is one of the only ones really keeping up with what is happening in this mess that the US GOVT started in Ukraine

As this is going on: foreign, political analyst, Mike Averko says:

(PDF) Michael Averko: Consistency and Reality Lacking on Crimea | Andreas Umland – Academia.edu
Poster Parody of Civil Defense Notice | Unknown, Parody of U. S. Department  of Defense | First Printing

New Vid Of #Ukraine NAZI Flag In Battle Vs Russia. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine:

New Vid Of #Ukraine Battlefront W/ Nazi Flag. U.S./NATO Backing NAZIS in Ukraine

The Communist Democrat party wants this battle and war against Russia. Period. Their allies are NAZI’S. We are the ones telling them to GET OUT of this mess.

> Hal Turner is covering the Russia vs Joe-Bama-Ukraine situation: U.S. and NATO Backing Literal NAZIS :This will be both a kinetic and cyber battlefield that will have a global reach

Democrat, Don Lemon said that he would ‘never be on the side of the Nazis’.


I covered the Ukraine Nazi FUBAR for many years: Click to go through the posts.

Ukraine and (Poland also) have serious Nazi issues and that has been documented for years: BBC, Stadiums of hate.

Hat tip: https://www.stevequayle.com/

AP France: #Ukraine Says “NO OFFENSE”? Please God, Let This Be True:

AP France: #Ukraine Says “NO OFFENSE”? Please, God, Let This Be True:

I hope that Ukraine backed down and cooler heads prevailed. But, you all should know that Russia is Soros and Joe-BAMA’s prize package for their anti Christ, “NWO”.

Hal Turner has been watching this situation very closely: CLICK HERE

Never ever forget… If the Communists had not STOLEN the election, none of this would be happening:

Biden didn’t win and we are seeing more of Satan-OBAMA’s insanity all over the planet.

#Russia Deploys Additional Truck-Launched NUCLEAR MISSILES; U.S. Sends B-1 Lancers on “Virtual” Bombing Mission of Russia

Russia Deploys Additional Truck-Launched NUCLEAR MISSILES; U.S. Sends B-1 Lancers on “Virtual” Bombing Mission of Russia

AddText.com generated Image

USA: Looks Like Your Sons Are To Be Sent (By PSYCHOPATHS) Into A Nuclear War Against Russia. The same people that stood up to the Nazis with our men.

Feast your eyes on our potential demise: Russia Deploys Additional Truck-Launched NUCLEAR MISSILES; U.S. Sends B-1 Lancers on ‘Virtual’ Bombing Mission of Russia! 


The only thing that saved this nation against a war with Russia in 2017 was the election of Trump. Like it or not, it’s a fact. The fact that God gave America a little time of grace (when we were NOT deserving) should have changed people’s minds.

Deal with another fact: NO ONE will halt what is coming now if these war-mongering lunatics do not stop–OR — are not stopped.

On my facebook page, the dummies are echoing cold war garbage. Thinking that Russia is “Soviet” still–and weak. They are NOT weak. They have been preparing for the war madmen for over a decade.

Meanwhile, our troops are being taught to be ‘sensitive’, gay and tranny.



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Just As I Predicted: “ISIS” Moving ‘Siezed’ US Tanks/Humvees To Syria. I Bet @SenJohnMcCain Is SO HAPPY

Just As I Predicted: “ISIS” Moving ‘Siezed’ US Tanks/Humvees To Syria. I Bet @SenJohnMcCain Is SO HAPPY


ISIS forces now better armed for battles against Assad forces and rival rebels

I predicted this type of scenario on most of my posts last year regarding the chaos in the Middle east.    If John McCain & Obama couldn’t take out Assad with the rebels they were/are already arming there, don’t worry.. Because “ISIS/ISIL” is on the way to Syria.    If you don’t know what a world war looks like..Take a good look at the news.   This is WWIII unfolding.   People always look for ‘declarations.’ .. REAL wars do not happen that way, kiddies.   Remember how England fought off Germany for 2 years before the ‘official’ declaration of WW in 1941.  One good thing happened today from Russia:  Putin Advisor Proposes “Anti-Dollar Alliance” To Halt US Aggression Abroad.  (Hopefully, the Russians will do just that.)

hummers iraq

Picture from: Gateway

I bet the war-mongering lunatic, John McCain is SO happy his terrorists buddies could possibly take over Syria……….

The US Senator who brought down the world.  May God severely judge his rotten soul, expeditiously.


Russia-Flashback December 2008, Barack Obama Predicted To Start WW3 In #Crimea. Obama & McCain MUST Go

Russia-Flashback December 2008, Barack Obama Predicted To Start WW3 In Crimea.  Obama & McCain MUST Go

We cannot leave this issue alone.   Do you want your children bombed and nuked?

An art collage from November 2013

I will NOT leave this volatile subject alone until there is peace again in Ukraine, until Barack Obama and John McCain are totally exposed for being enemies of humanity and punished accordingly.  The rest of you morons can scream “You Putin sympathizer” until you’re blue in the face, but I will not listen until these madmen are completely exposed.  Here I am very unwell and I will not stop.  They must be ousted.  NOBODY wants a nuclear war with Russia—at least nobody in their sane mind.  Russia is not our enemy, they will BECOME our enemy if we do not leave Eastern EU alone.

You can listen to Daboo77’s video to break it down a tad:

Here it is translated: Translated from a Russian news site: This article is from 2008, TY Lisa M.

Under the new U.S. President Barack Obama in the Crimea will be implemented scenario of armed conflict. It is the American scenario, and under Obama the probability is much higher than under McCain,” – said at a roundtable in Kiev, Russian political scientist Andrei Okara, said “New Region”.

Expert explains: “It became clear when it was announced that what people will represent the Obama team. These are people whose professional registration Wall Street. These people are engaged in a technology calledtechnology controlled chaos .

According to Okara, after Georgia area controlled chaos” in the first place, was to be the Ukraine, namely Crimea. This is the point of a fire, including global conflicts that escalate into a world war, which, unfortunately, is one of the scenarios, the implementation of which at the moment from the real” – says the analyst.

His colleague from the Ukrainian Institute of Russia Andrey Blinov agree that Russia is not interested in such a conflict. When people talk about the war in the Crimea or in the hamlet St. Michael, I believe that this scenario is marginal. A question more active economic participation of Russian capital is very likely. But it depends on when the crisis is over. If in 2010, while Russia will be much weaker, “- said the expert.

U.S. ambitions toward Crimea confirmed and signed recently the Ukrainian-American Charter on Strategic Partnership. The Charter provides for the unconditional recognition of the sovereignty of Ukraine and its integration into NATO, increased U.S. presence in the Crimea and other forms of cooperation. U.S. Ambassador William Taylor in Kiev, however, reassured: The Charter does not oblige any one of the two parties to assist military means.” And he added, if the boundaries are violated, we will meet and discuss our next steps.”

In the second section of the paper devoted to defense and security , said the interest of both countries to ” a strong, independent , democratic Ukraine ” , whose integration into European structures “is a mutual priority.” This section reiterates that Ukraine will join NATO . In the meantime , ” recognizing the global threat to stability in the world, to prevent them Ukraine and the United States will strengthen their cooperation in defense and security issues ,” – said the Ambassador. In addition, Taylor mentioned and concrete steps to improve the level of training and military supplies for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The fifth section is devoted to the expansion of human contacts and cooperation in the field of culture: Ukraine, as follows from the text (as submitted by Taylor), “welcomes the intention of the United States to increase its diplomatic presence in the Crimea. Format presence on the peninsula is still under discussion, “but it may be a structure with certain consular functions.”


The fact that Crimea is the most promising ground for destabilization beneficial both Americans and official Kyiv , observers say not the first month . Periodically pop up in the media , various scenarios by which the Ukrainian ” Democrats ” try to blow this ” powder keg ” redirecting claims to Russia . Proclivities pro-Russian activists Peninsula (like attempts to regain the Crimea to Russia through the court ) at the same time severely punished , but to complete victory over SBU ” dissidents ” , judging by the numerous symptoms , far away.

Provocations on the Crimean directionreally can not be avoided, we are convinced, in turn, Ukrainian Communists. U.S. prepares to throw to the east (aiming at this, of course, in Russia), but first they need to break the pro-Russian Crimea, exspeaker of the Crimean parliament, Verkhovna Rada deputy Leonid Grach. Scheduled for next year open a representative office in Simferopol U.S. the same series.

The fact that Ukraine is in range of the attention of the new U.S. president, analysts have stated previously. Obama will counterbalance Russia Ukraine , said political analyst Sergei Taran : ” The first time the Ukrainians may be neglected by the United States, as Obama will be busy with internal problems the United States. But in the long term efforts of the U.S. Obama will resume his authority in Europe , and in the long term, the new U.S. administration will pay particular attention to Ukraine, which could be a counterbalance to Russia in the region, and in the future – even counterbalance the old Europe example of modern Poland . “

Ukraine will remain for the United States deterrent to Russia, agrees Ukrainian political analyst Andrei Yermolaev. According to him, Ukraine for American policy has been and remains instrumental object that is used in a rather cynical strategies.

Most ” visionary ” already hard rehearsing for the upcoming bout Crimea: from the opera – held recently in Kiev command post exercise on ” Actions volunteer units on the Crimean theater of operations after the Russian military aggression .” Organizers merrymaking ( National Salvation Committee , which includes the party ” Brotherhood ” and ” New Force” and association ” Northern Brotherhood ” ) argue that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia , which will be held no later than 2011 , the entire burden of resistance will be on voluntary organizations . Scenario Campaign General Staff of the Armed Forces has already been developed , sure ” roleplayers ” .

This was planned and Russia picked up on Obama’s madness long ago.


#STOPWWIII USA Should Not Be Vamping Up Nuclear WW3, Just To Make Obama “Look Tough”

#STOPWWIII  USA Should Not Be Vamping Up Nuclear WW3,  Just To Make Obama “Look Tough”

Ever since Obama has been in office, we have seen a complete destabilization of the middle east, 5X worse than when GWB was in office and most would agree–that was bad enough.

Since BO has occupied the White House-We have seen:

  • Egypt go through 2 revolutions,  the first revolt:  “The Arab Spring”  was brought on by Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Susan Rice and John McCain.  The first phony revolution brought the Islamic radical, Morsi into power who lead many Coptic Christians to slaughter.  Americans should be ashamed by this but only a few are.   Egypt’s 2nd true revolt  was to oust their country of these Islamic radicals and Morsi:  Obama’s militant, Islamic puppet.


  • Libya also went through a phony revolution. The continuation of the “Arab Spring.”  We saw Gaddafi murdered after he was sodomized to death.  Putin is the only leader who questioned these insane actions: Vladimir Putin lashes out at America for killing Gaddafi and backing rebels.  Hillary Clinton and Obama demanded that Gaddafi step down.  We suffered Benghazi for these actions.  Many Christians have been murdered and are persecuted now.  Libya is leaderless at present.   Thanks to US foreign policy.   It is immaterial if we like or hate Gaddafi, he was Libya’s leader & the US govt. broke international law by aiding the same rebels who murdered Libya’s leader, Gaddafi.


  • We have seen Clinton and Obama demand that Syria’s Assad step down from HIS leadership: Syria: Assad must resign, says Obama.   We have seen John McCain photo’d with Al Qaeda, Muslim bro’hood in Syria.  America is funding these same terrorists:  CIA-funded weapons begin to reach Syrian rebels – CNN.com.   We have seen a hundred thousand deaths of civilians & Christians in Syria, decapitations, cannibalism, dead priests, persecuted nuns in Aleppo & Damascus at the hands of these US backed Islamic ‘rebels.’   Cities leveled and destroyed there and Obama/McCain want to bring MORE war to Syria.


  • Now, we see the US Govt overthrow another leader:  Viktor Yanukovch and install a US/EU ‘leadership’ in Ukraine.  Call their Coup D’Etat: “Freedom.” Complete with radical elements in Ukraine who destroyed the city of Kiev: Who John McCain endorsed.  The same John McCain who refuses to seal OUR borders is worried about Russia being on the border of Ukraine?!

Now, they want to take us to WWIII with Russia just to make Obama look tough?!

TRUE patriots call out their government when it is ROGUECan’t Americans connect the dots with these revolutions or are you that dumb?

Putin Adds Chechen Militants & Neo Nazis To Intl Wanted List, While U.S. Government Supports Them

Putin Adds Chechen Militants & Neo Nazis To Intl Wanted List, While U.S. Government Supports Them

Oleh Tyahnybok, party saluting his leader.

Staging a coup and replacing an elected government with unelected stooges, as the US has specifically done with the Maidan opposition, is a true violation of sovereignty foreign affairs.

Of course, the neo US Govt with radicals like Obama, Kerry and McCain in charge…what could go wrong…!  Watch all of the phoney-cons come out and say this is a ‘publicity stunt.’   While Obama says that ‘radical Islamics?’ is ‘Just ‘workplace violence.”    And, people wonder why so many Americans are more  pro-Russia?

AND:  All the pieces fit together nicely. We, who are sane can see these possibilities:   #1. Lot of Chechen terrorists could receive possible political asylum in Germany.    #2.   We can see how former Chechen terrorists play an active role of destabilization in Syria and now in Ukraine.   #3.  We can see how the Chechen terrorists and Ukraine ultra nationalist actions have been coordinated.

Angela Merkel promised massive damage to Russia. Perhaps unleashing Chechen terrorists aided by Ukrainians ultra nationalists is what she means by massive damage to Russia?  We shall see, won’t we?

Of course this is just “Russian propaganda”, (Former USSR) but, I’ll take it over White House active, Stalinist propaganda…Russia to add 2 Maidan leaders to intl wanted list over Chechen militant links 

Meanwhile, as we worry about Ukraine, this is happening here at home:  Americans Worry About “Freedom” For Ukraine Are Being Arrested Here @ Home For Filming Police

An art collage from November 2013

As John McCain Is Pushing To Start WW3 In Ukraine, Who Is Taking Care Of Arizona?

As John McCain Is Pushing To Start WW3 In Ukraine, Who Is Taking Care Of Arizona

John McCain wants to make Nuke explosions the future of the world.


Why doesn’t this idiot move to Ukraine?  He does ZERO in Arizona. Only undermine.  This crotchity, old, hornet is AOK with our borders wide open, yet NOT OK with Russia on the border of Ukraine.   This piece of old stench is OK with far, far, far, rightists in charge of Ukraine.. But, can’t stand moderates like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.  You tell ME this jackass isn’t slippin from reality and into comatose land.   He must be senile.  Either that, or just getting sloppy in old age. 

The wack job just sent out this email: 

RNC Sends Out Fundraising Email From America’s Least Popular Senator

McCain does not believe he is the ‘least popular’.  The crazy is in denial.  He says that poll is ‘bogus.’  READ IT!!

McCain is supposed to be a Senator for ARIZONA.  Not a regime changer for Ukraine and Syria.

Look at the places this creep has screwed up:  Map: All the Countries John McCain Has attacked … – Mother Jones (Who I hate, but they’re right about this)

BTW: Ever wonder how much of your city or town 
can be wiped out by a nuclear explosion? 
Well wonder no more. 
A man by the name of Alex Wellerstein made this nifty little 
thing that lets you choose from a list of know nuclear bombs and will 
simulate the destructive force of it via blast radius in your city or