Obama & The #Commies Want To Charge Zimmerman With ANYTHING To Start Riots

Obama & The #Commies Want To Charge Zimmerman With ANYTHING To Start Riots

They just want to charge him with ANYTHING just to say they got themselves a ‘white Hispanic’.  Sick bastards.  NO Hispanic I know calls themselves ‘white’.  The Communist, community-organizer Obama is licking his chops preparing to mandate Martial Law-its his dream come true.

ANYONE with a brain knows that George Zimmerman had to use his gun for self-defense.  Any person that is ‘in the know’ knows that Trayvon would have killed him.  Any person who knows about the black on white crime problem we have in America knows that Zimmerman did what he had to do.

Now, the prosecution wanted to charge Zimmerman with ‘3rd degree murder’ and child abuse.  “Child Abuse” what nonsense.  A 17 year old 195-200 lb, 6 foot dude is NOT A CHILD

Here is the facts: Zimmerman was WWWH-Walking while white Hispanic.

He should go free with NO charge and the black looters and rioters should be Killed in action. Enough said.

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This is what happened with the pot-smoking, hoodlum, TRAYVON:

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