Prescott, AZ FIRE: The Mad Jewess’s Town Has Lost 19 Elite Fire-fighters In Wild Blaze

The Mad Jewess’s Town Has Lost 19 Fire-fighters In Wild Blaze

This is a few miles from me. Prescott Firefighters went to battle this blaze.  Yesterday, we had lightening with a freak rain-storm.  My guess is that lightening must have hit up on Yarnell Hill.  This is just a small community outside of Prescott.  The Prescott fire Dept lost 19 out of 20 elite fire fighters. 

Thank you for posting this, Grumpy:

More crews head to Arizona where 19 firefighters died battling wildfire

YARNELL, Ariz. — More crew members and a top-level management team are headed to an out-of-control wildfire in Arizona that killed 19 elite firefighters and destroyed much of a small town.
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I feel so awful for the families. Probably ALL young ladies and children. Just tragic. God, be with them. People crying all over town. Just sick and sad.