If The Dem Party Is Confident There Is NO Voter Fraud, Why Do Videos Have To Be Removed Off Y.T.?

If The Dem Party Is Confident There Is NO Voter Fraud, Why Do Videos Have To Be Removed Off Y.T.?

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I was reading how Youtube will be removing any video accusing of voter fraud in the 2020 election. They claim it is because ‘misinformation’. No. It isn’t. There are any number of videos questioning Trump’s 2016 win and they are all still up. If a platform has to remove videos, cancel videos, suspend channels and what not… That platform is hiding something. The bible talks about how evil people hide deeds and fear being exposed.

The gist of this situation in my opinion is not who won or lost. The issue is the voter fraud. If the nation ‘ok’s’ this election with hundreds and hundreds of witnesses that saw voter fraud, videos of people hiding ballot ‘suitcases’ under tables — then this nation is saying they don’t care about their voting rights at all.

We simply cannot have this.

Its as simple as that. If the Democrat party is so confident there is no election fraud, then they would not be bothered one iota about ANY video being posted regarding the 2020 election. The fact that they are bothered tells me they are complicit. The fact that they want NO opposing opinions tells me they are going OUT OF THEIR WAY to hide matters and scenes.

Facts are the facts: This issue will probably be headed to the SCOTUS. With or without complicit Youtube.

VIOLENT, HATEFUL 420 Boston Hempfest Youtube Removed-It Told The REAL Story, We Have Updated Video

They can remove these videos until the cows come home.  It will not stop the behavior of some minorities that act terribly.  By removing this video, the ‘liberals’ have hung one of their comrades out to dry. SO typical.

Click here to see the updated video This is a HORRIBLE hate crime against an ‘anti-racist’ liberal

Noah David Simon @CriticalAnalyst mentioned you:

@MadJewessWoman and typical of #youtube. they deleted the video because it told the real story. #censorship youtu.be/IYU438gWPiU?a