43K Thumbs Down & Only 9K Thumbs Up…

43K Thumbs Down and only 9K thumbs up.

Indeed, the most viewed clip on the channel, a 31 minute video of Biden’s inauguration, has 9,200 thumbs up compared to 43,000 thumbs down: Read it all here

I guess its the “RUSSIANS” that gave poor, old, sick Biden 43K thumbs down…. But, that does not explain why he only received 9K thumbs up. Biden was not voted in by the American people at all. The Communists stole the election which is why they toss everyone off youtube–because they hate the truth. It’s also why they had to have almost 30K National Guard troops on inauguration day: To protect themselves because they KNOW they didn’t win and they’re guilty. Who’s kidding who…


I didn’t even respect Trump at all after the end of 2017 because he allowed war-mongers, seditionists and murderers get a free pass. But, he did NOT lose the election.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO Of #Youtube Is A Jewish Woman Who Creates Anti Semitism

Susan Wojcicki, CEO Of Youtube Is A Jewish Woman Who Creates Jew Hatred

*YouTube Announces New Censorship Rules – Will Take Down Videos Alleging Fraud and Disputing 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Results

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On Wojcicki’s Wikipedia page is written: Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968 to Esther Wojcicki, an educator of Jewish descent.

You would think this woman being Jewish would understand that this years election is extremely complicated. You would think that she would be a little more observant of her Jewishness and UNDERSTAND to stay out of it and let the chips fall where they may. You would think that she could already sense anti semitism against Jewish people and stop this stupidity.

Wojcicki, like so many Leftist Jews just don’t know when to shut the hell up and get out of the way. They dont know when to disappear from a toxic scene and all they do is add more fuel to the fire. This woman lacks discernment to the max. The only thing that she has done is create MORE anti semitism with this latest move to censor and ban any channel posting on legitimate voter fraud. SERIOUS voter fraud: ARIZONA JOINS 20 OTHER STATES IN TEXAS ELECTION LAWSUIT WITH THE SUPREME COURT

The Communist Democrat party is constantly screaming about ‘voter suppression’… Yet, here is a Left wing Jewess suppressing American Conservative & Republican people and this process. The election has NOT even been called yet except by the AP. It has NOT been called by officials BECAUSE of the issues at hand.

Leftist Jewish people in politics are OFTEN on the front line AGAINST American freedom and thats a fact.


You really think people are not ‘checking out’ if you are Jewish, lady? Please.

Thanks a lot, you dumb broad.



Its no wonder ANTIFA was finally declared a terrorist group.  They took long enough.  They have 6 blocks in Seattle shut down. They’ve burned every city in the United States. Theyre terrorists.  Communist, radical terrorists.  

STILL….people in the media refuse to call these bastards COMMUNISTS.  If you can’t name an enemy, you wont ever defeat them–EVER. Stop being cowards.

Read about this at Amy Mek’s  post on this blog via: American’s for Intelligence Reform.

Sen. Joe McCarthy (@CommieCrusherJM) | Twitter

While You Worried About Putin’s Fake Fascism, US Govt Had Patriotic Youtube Channel Shut Down

While You Worried About Putin’s Fake Fascism,  US Govt Had Patriotic Youtube Channel Shut Down

Paul Joseph Watson
March 23, 2014:

UPDATE: About 3 hours after this article was posted and following a wave of public pressure, Mark Dice’s channel was restored by YouTube.


As Americans are worried about the 1985 monster, the USSR which is no longer in existence, Obama’s KGB has shut down an excellent Youtube channel.  His videos consisted of dumb Americans signing their rights away in phony petitions.  We posted a few here.  We don’t agree with everything he says, but overall, his videos are excellent.  Videos showed the senselessness of the American idiot.  Do you really think stupid Americans deserve a country?

[His videos were flagged for “Extremist content.”   U.S.  is now the Communist, not Russia.]

Story and video here: YouTube Shuts Down Major Alternative Media Channel Days After Government Given Powers to Flag “Extremist Content”

Dice’s website:  http://www.markdice.com/

O’Reilly mocked him: O’Reilly Factor Attacks Mark Dice VIDEO

O’Reilly’s gal pals also made light of Dice: ABC’s The View Plugs The Resistance Manifesto

Mark Dice has written: Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True

-David Ben Moshe

Barry Obama Gets A “Memoirs Of A Geisha” Make-Over, Courtesy Of The Mad Jewess

Barry Obama Gets A “Memoirs Of A Geisha” Make-Over, Courtesy Of The Mad Jewess

I think he looks just like a sweet, little Geisha girl..No offense to Geishas….!!! I tried to cover up that FLY that landed on the piece of shit we have for a Prezzy, but it was hard. That is one BIG ASS FLY!!!  And he is one giant crap!

Don’t ever say I didnt do nuttin for ya, BARRY..


BARRY, now.


Like it thin-skinned BARRY?

Love, your all time fav right winger..

#Communist MSM Is Using IRS Story To Deter Focus Off #Benghazi. Clinton Also Used IRS Against Foes

#Communist MSM Is Using IRS Story To Deter Focus Off Benghazi. Clinton Also Used IRS Against Foes

Priorities. Priorities. We do not have them as a country.  Bill O’Reilly says that Obama should be impeached over IRS scandal.  But, does he only say this because Clinton audited HIM? According to a Judicial Watch filing, O’Reilly was targeted as well as the NRA, The Heritage Foundation, The National Review, The American Spectator, Freedom Alliance, National Center for Public Policy Research, American Policy Center, American Cause, Citizens Against Government Waste, Citizens for Honest Government, Progress and Freedom Foundation, Concerned Women for America and the San Diego Chapter of Christian Coalition.

The issue is Benghazi.

 The issue is that the Obama administration LIED about Youtubes. The issue is that Ambassador Stevens didn’t even receive a state funeral. The issue is the cover up.  They are using the IRS story to bury Benghazi..  It was buried to help a very bad ‘prez’, (also a foreigner) get re-elected.

“Absolute Proof Sandy Hook Was Staged”, Say Youtubers. What Do You Believe?

Contributed by GoldBugGal:

Although she does not appear in any of the class photos, the media claims that 6-year-old Emilie Parker on the right was shot in the Sandy Hook massacre. Here she is shown with her parents along with her 3 and 4-year-old sisters. But the story that she was killed at Sandy Hook is not possible because here she is sitting on the president’s lap after the shooting.

  • The only Photoshopping was overlaying the photos to prove that Emilie was sitting on the president’s lap after the shooting. The pictures were published in the mainstream media. See the link to the Daily Mail in the end of the video description for the original pictures.

See here for yourself, the pictures.

See this video as well:
Was this set up to grab all of our guns??
Think sheeple.