#SanctionSoros: *Admitted* To CNN That He IS Responsible For Ukrainian Coup D’Etat, Etc. Keep Blaming Putin, DUMBSH*TS!

#SanctionSoros: Admitted To CNN That He IS Responsible For Ukrainian Coup D’Etat. Keep Blaming Putin, DUMBSH*TS!

This traitor should be executed for treason.


Soros is the most evil person alive and Americans are content to have this piece of shit live in their country.  We told you that Soros was responsible for this evil: King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

Meanwhile…FORBES, Pill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer and other idiots are still blaming Putin.  Methinks they ALL get big bucks from Soros.  Biden’s son has a job in Ukraine. Ditto John Kerry’s former SR Campaign adviser and YOU hear nothing about this on the mainstream….!  They’re ALL in it together.

“First on Ukraine, one of the things that many people recognized about you was that you during the revolutions of 1989 funded a lot of dissident activities, civil society groups in eastern Europe and Poland, the Czech Republic. Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?” Zakaria asked Soros.

SOROS to Zakaria:

“Well, I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia.  And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now, Soros responded.

A video and transcript of the interview are available after the jump.


You all sound like a bunch of little mary’s:  ‘Putin swallowed up Crimea, Putin annexed Crimea’… Go snivvel to Mommy.