2 ‘Sons Of Obama’ Murder A White Man. Another ‘Nigga’ Murders White Woman & Her Child

2 ‘Sons Of Obama’ Murder A White Man. Another ‘Nigga’ Murders White Woman & Her Child

[Edit: We are seeking the new link to the crime below with the mother and little girl]

If this was in reverse, the media would be having a field day. The MSM will not cover these horrific murders.  In  their opinion, whites are hunting blacks. And, even though Zimmerman is Hispanic: The MSM does not care about that fact.  They just want a pretend racial crime to start a race war.

Perps of the murder:

Michael Pindling and 21-year-old Dereon Wallace

Victim, Robert Pett:

Robert Pett.

Ga. — Valdosta police are charging two men with murder in the death investigation of Robert Pett. On July 13, 2013, Pett’s body was found behind an abandoned house located in the 200 block of Walnut Street in Valdosta. The men accused of killing Pett, 22-year-old Michael Pindling and 21-year-old Dereon Wallace, had only been in the Valdosta area for about a month. News from New Nation News

Click for this story: Valdosta police arrest two in Walnut St. death investigation

Story of the white woman and her child murdered:  Black Militant Obama Ratchets Up TRAYVON BS


Story is linked up at “Cry and Howl” from Incogman’s site.  My wife’s ‘buddy”

Email Sent To White/Hispanic-Hating DOJ By A Twitterer Re Holder’s Anti Acceptance Of #Zimmerman Verdict:

Email Sent To White/ Hispanic-Hating DOJ By A Twitterer Re Holder’s Anti Acceptance Of #Zimmerman Verdict:

My friend, Chris – is not American.   He is from EU and he is SICK of Obama, Holder and Hitlery the WITCH.

Most of all, he is tired of seeing this race-baiting crap from Commie Liberals.  Here is his personal response to the DOJ:

Christoph Heer
 Done! My mail to Sanford.florida@usdoj.gov –> pic.twitter.com/eKmgEEq59K

…And, this is EXACTLY how you are supposed to address Commie-fascist scum…Now, do YOUR part: Copy this letter and send it to the white hating/Hispanian-hating, America hating DOJ.

Thank you.

513 Days Between Trayvon #Zimmerman Verdict, 11,106 Blacks Have Been Murdered By OTHER BLACKS

513 Days Between Trayvon/Zimmerman Verdict, 11,106 Blacks Have Been Murdered By OTHER BLACKS


The media has ginned up this Trayvon/Zimmerman hooplah and as usual & if it is a pretend race crime, the Left gins up the whole nation.

SO-Why is Stevie Wonder boycotting Florida?  He should be boycotting his own people and calling them out.  The problem, however – is racism in America.  The racists (for the most part) are black people.  Many hate white people and want to murder them.  And, the Communist liberals have done this.  ANY problem you see in America is the fault of LIBERALISM.  

It is Liberal-Commies that need to be put behind bars for crimes against humanity.  Not ordinary ‘whitey’s’ and patriotic minorities.  I live to see the day when justice comes to the Liberal cabal–it ALWAYS does.  I can’t wait.  We really do have “No justice, no peace”  NOT them.

See the google search for yourself: In 513 Days Between Trayvon Dying And The Zimmerman Trial Verdict

A fish rots from the head down….

Obama & The #Commies Want To Charge Zimmerman With ANYTHING To Start Riots

Obama & The #Commies Want To Charge Zimmerman With ANYTHING To Start Riots

They just want to charge him with ANYTHING just to say they got themselves a ‘white Hispanic’.  Sick bastards.  NO Hispanic I know calls themselves ‘white’.  The Communist, community-organizer Obama is licking his chops preparing to mandate Martial Law-its his dream come true.

ANYONE with a brain knows that George Zimmerman had to use his gun for self-defense.  Any person that is ‘in the know’ knows that Trayvon would have killed him.  Any person who knows about the black on white crime problem we have in America knows that Zimmerman did what he had to do.

Now, the prosecution wanted to charge Zimmerman with ‘3rd degree murder’ and child abuse.  “Child Abuse” what nonsense.  A 17 year old 195-200 lb, 6 foot dude is NOT A CHILD

Here is the facts: Zimmerman was WWWH-Walking while white Hispanic.

He should go free with NO charge and the black looters and rioters should be Killed in action. Enough said.

Click: Zimmerman won’t face third-degree murder charge

This is what happened with the pot-smoking, hoodlum, TRAYVON:

See: Last minute trick: Prosecutors ask judge to let them slip in two brand new charges against Zimmerman

Are ‘White Hispanics’ Threatening To Riot Should Zimmerman Be Found Guilty?

Are White Hispanics Threatening To Riot Should Zimmerman be Found Guilty?

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

I think all 56 White Hispanics should riot, don’t you?  Anyway, where are the threats of murder and rioting from the whites?  There aren’t any.  Why is this? I thought we were all equal?  We all think the same?  We have no gender, race, religion, language, etc?  If that’s the case, why are blacks threatening to riot if we’re ‘all the same?’

The Martin/Zimmerman case proves were are not all the same.  It should also prove to white people that many blacks would like to murder you just for being white.  Case in point is that Zimmerman is half Hispanic.  Isn’t this the way it used to be in reverse for the blacks with racism?  We’ve come a long way, baby.  And it’s not for the better.

Zimmerman may be found guilty. He may be found innocent.  The issue at hand is that white people are hated for the color of their skin.  And, its time for this to stop.

SC: 400 Sons Of Obama Riot & Zimmerman Verdict Not Even Out Yet.

SC: 400 Sons Of Obama Riot: Zimmerman Verdict Not Even Out Yet.

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Looking like fools with their pants on the ground, hat turned sideways.. If they riot before Zimmerman, think what they would do after the verdict if he’s found not guilty.  Get guns. Load them up, be ready to shoot.

Click: 400 blacks riot in downtown Greensboro, NC

George Zimmerman’s Brother: ‘No White President Would Have Gotten Away With Playing The Race Card’

George Zimmerman’s Brother: ‘No White President Would Have Gotten Away With Playing The Race Card’

Obama is a bro, that’s all he knows.  He’s the affirmative-action HNIC.  No white President would have gotten away with what Obama gets away with.  No white person would have been able to take the office of the President without showing who he was.  But, Obama can because he’s black.  There is a race problem in America: Black supremacy.

I Reported, Everyone Else Decided What To Do With MY News

News for debbie wasserman schultz, vogue

I am extremely pissed off about this….You people will not keep me down with your ass hattery… One day, you will all see me LIVE on the news.  Because people are tired of the bullshit.  And, I wont be afraid of Media Matters. They will not ever shut me up and neither will you pseudo conservative jackasses.

Do you all know why people are chicken-shit to link us?  The truth? Its because white people are oppressed and depressed.  “Conservatives” see our site as being ‘racist’ because we report black on white crimes.  How is reporting a crime, ‘racist?’  Is reporting a white on black crime, racist? Nope, thats heroic.  But, report the thousands of atrocities committed against white people at the hands of bad blacks, DAILY…. is considered ‘racist.’

COWARD is what ‘Conservatives’ are.  Afraid of their own shadow.  Afraid to be called ‘racist.’   Un be friggin lievable.  Even Zimmerman’s self-defense case didn’t wake you up.  In my opinion….you deserve what you’ve got coming.

 For the white people that are suffering and who send me many emails pleading with me to continue, I do this. I march on:  For people like my my husband’s family member, a sweet Conservative, religious Jew who was raped (while a virgin) I do what I  must.  Plus myself who was robbed and beaten by bad blacks.   And countless numbers of victims that have been raped, robbed, beaten and murdered by a people that the left wing has enabled.

So, you continue in your oblivion.  Continue, idiots until it happens to you–because THEN and only THEN is it important.   Meanwhile, to the rest of us ‘in the know’,   this is white genocide. Period.

Look at all of the links below of the jerks that refused to give me credit for MY article about Wasserman.  An article that probably would not be discussed right now, if it wasn’t for The Mad Jewess reading left wing rags in the AM at the YMCA.

Look at the dates, below.  All 1-2 days ago.  Thanks a lot assholes.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Vogue Photos Spark Controversy

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Accused Of Being ‘Unrecognizable’ In Vogue

For Some, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Goes Too Glam

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Vogue Photos Spark Controversy 


Debbie Wasserman Schultz News – Topix






Photo Of George Zimmerman Before The MSM


Think about it. Did he act in self-defense? And if he did, does he not have a right to be innocent UNTIL proven guilty?  Regardless… 2 crimes happened this last week; 2 elderly women in their 80’s, raped and murdered by black men–nobody says a word.  Congratulations, you absolute f’d up media.  You have enabled the Commie bs.  Therefore when the SHTF, we ARE coming for you, too.