Who Is Apartheid? Arab Says “No Jews In Palestine=No Trouble”

Who is apartheid?  There are no Jews in the PA.  But, there are Muslims and Arabs in the Knesset.  So, who is apartheid?

Shabbat Shalom..

-David Ben Moshe

Israel: Jewish Patriots In The Holy Land Turn “Rockets Into Roses” – Must Make Israel-haters Nuts.

Isnt this great?  If you can’t afford the rose, you can always get a key-chain!  Israel is outnumbered by many countries that hate it, included Communist America in that fold of failures.   You know.. Israel is Gods holy land. Nothing has changed.  Although angered with his people many times throughout time, HIS land is his land. Hate God and his land to your own demise. I don’t give a damn, anymore.

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Inscribed in Hebrew are the words Am Yisrael Chai – “Israel Lives”. A blue stone is mounted on the map of Israel where most of the rockets landed (Sderot).


Jew Beaten By Muslim/Arab NAZI Rat-Bastards In France At A Film Fest (Yariv Horowitz)

Jew Beaten By Muslim/Arab NAZI Rat-Bastards In France At A Film Fest (Yariv Horowitz)

Last week, a left wing wacko called ME a Nazi for hating on the Muslims.  Where’s that BITCH now to stick up for these fascist m’fkers?

Now you should ask why I believe there are many Arab/Muslim NAZI slugs that should be given the worst punishment.  They should.  With both barrels.  Where are the sicko, Leftist assholes for ‘tolerance’ now?  As usual, they are eviscerating Pamela Geller, B.N.I. or Debbie Schlussel-defaming their characters… as they (left- wing LOSERS) stick up for these Muzzie skunks.

I wish it was me they were beating on.  I would have kicked these Muslim creeps in the nuts, spit in their face and would have been screaming DEATH TO MOHAMMED the Pedo-‘prophet.’

F’ these Muslim slime.

Hat tip, RL: Report: Israeli Filmmaker Yariv Horowitz Beaten by Arabs While in France Attending Film Festival

Yariv Horowitz:


The Mad Jewess Is Taking Over The World With Prince Zion From Planet ‘ZOG’


We (friend and I) made the above ‘pop-art’ for parody reasons.. and a little sarcasm…for myself to have a bitter laugh.

I have made a decision to join Price Zion from Planet ZOG.  A few days ago, I was given a ‘heads up’ about the asteroid that is going to hit earth.. As usual, one of my beloved, (sarc) Jew-hating jerks said that I, personally am responsible for this asteroid hitting earth.. (Its the Zionists fault this is happening, doncha know..) Just as I am responsible for the plague that hit EU in the middle ages.. Hey.. I can’t help it if I’ve been ‘chosen’ to wreak havoc on the earth, several hundred years before I was born, but what the hell.. I may as well take responsibility for it–keeps my enemies at arms length better than my underarm B.O.

After these accusations of lunacy occurred, I was told I eat gentile babies in my Matzah (That’s odd, considering I HATE the taste of Matzah and avoid it as much as possible.)  If it were potato salad from Chompies deli.. I might have fessed up to eating children for breakfast… Who can resist creamy tater-salad from a wonderful Kosher deli…Yum..!

THEN.. I was told that I am oppressing the palestinians.  You see how powerful my intel chip is?  I live in Arizona and I am able to oppress the Arabs in Israel from 6K miles away–its that Jew-Doo, Voo-Doo…  Don’t underestimate my mouse and his pad.  It’s sheer power is formidable..

To top everything off.. I killed Jesus, too.  Yep, I was there!!  Just as Patton was  present for the Roman crusades, c. 300  A.D. or so during WW2, 1942…….SO-You see what a busy week this is for me? Is there any doubt that I need a strong prince to help me?  I’ve decided to join Prince Zion from planet ZOG.       ..Because a gal just can’t do all of this alone…!

A more semi-sorta-serious note… Jew hatred is:

Thank you for the ping, Maggie 😉  Have a nice Passover, Easter, etc..

Wishes for a Peaceful Passover with a few Flashbacks, Passover Roundup and Hebrew Mamita | Maggie’s Notebook

Chinese Zionist Jews Make Aliyah

This vid is from 2009/10…

These Chinese people will make better Jews than anti-American, Israel-hating, left-wing “Jewish” jackasses and Bolsheviks who occupy Israel..    In fact, Israel should allow these Chinese to make their Aliyah every single day and send the left-wing Jews to Ramallah.  Force them to wear a Kippah & the Seal of Solomon…(Star of David)  Let’s test how far the ‘tolerance’ really goes!!!

I guarantee, 100% – that Israel would have warriors in these Chinese Jews… they will have NO problems kicking rocket-throwing, pali-Jihad ass.

It is said that Job from the Bible was an Oriental/Asian man.  These may very well be descendants. Who knows…?

The REAL Reason Obama Supports Gay Marriage

Isn’t it obvious?


H/T:Chaim Ben Pesach


ACORN BUSTER-James O’Keefe Strikes Again. This Time NPR & Muslim Brotherhood! YAY!

Well, well… What have we here.. A lot of dirt on Americans, courtesy of the NPR.  For all of you that don’t know, O’Keefe is the one who busted up ACORN.

  Thank You James O’Keefe.  The Leftist schmuck in the video below calls the Tea Party all a bunch of  radical Evangelical, white racists… Come on…please… They are all ‘gun-toting’, and scary..  OH!! They are ‘anti-intellectual’… Hmmm…

  What he really means, is that Christians and Conservatives are not BRAINWASHED anymore. Then he talks about how 90 million dollars comes from the GOVERNMENT.  Just a spit in the bucket!! What a jerk, that means from US, WE THE PEOPLE.  Bite the hand that feeds it….?? As USUAL!!  And here is the deal…They don’t want federal funding anymore- Well HALLELUYAH!!  CUT THEM OFF! 

Listen to this, its just too good to be true! LOL  Oh, and those PESKY “Zionists”!  ROFL…….

  HAHAH, I told you that the INCOGMAN is just like these LEFT WINGERS. I told you all hundreds of times, they are ALL in this TOGETHER. For one thing; To Kill Christian “Zionists” and right-minded JEWS. If the Jew is a leftist that is an “Israel hater” like Noam Chomsky-THATS OK…GO FIGURE!!!  These leftists and neo-Nazis are of the same cloth=MURDERERS.    Just an FYI; Americans that support the PEOPLE of Israel, do not necessarily consider themselves “Zionists”. “Zion” to a Christian means Jesus being the cornerstone, spiritually and physically.  So, not too many Christians are going to inwardly hate the PEOPLE of Israel. Sorry Jew haters, thats the way it is.


  …..And there is more!!….They are looking for a ‘fair point of view’ from the EVIL Pro-Israel people, but they LOVE being Pro-FAKEstinian…of course they do!  Whatever. Whatever Whatever.. Heres the deal: Christians that are real, and Jews that are not braindead will follow the Bible and bless the PEOPLE of Israel, not the GOVERNMENT….  OH! And also, they are SO happy they fired the ‘BIGOT’, Juan Williams.. I didnt like Juan either, he’s a leftist, but a bigot? LOL  What a RIOT!  Donna found this video, for you to enjoy, while these EVIL slimes come crashing to the GROUND.

Marxists and Neo-NAZIs=THE SAME.  You FAKE “Right Wingers” that don’t agree with Christians that bless Israel are WITH the leftists. Sorry, its the truth. 


Good OR Evil? 

The left wing is SATANIC. Period. WAKE THE HELL UP. Did you ever stop to wonder if YOU have been infiltrated, White Nationalists, & White Supremists? Well, you have been.


Are THESE The Zionists You Are Talking About Helen Thomas?

Go to fullsize imageHelen Thomas, you are just flat-out wrong..

  In 2005, GW Bush and Ariel Sharon made a bogus peace deal. The ‘deal’ was if Sharon evac’d over 8,000 Israeli pioneers and indigenous Israeli’s, Israel would have ‘peace’… No more rockets, no more terror, etc. 

  What you are about to see, in photos, with your own eyes, are REAL, TRUE Zionists. Zionists are patriots of Israel. These Zionists are not owners of anything now. They were forced out of their homes by their government, which is hell bent on making the world happy, while undermining its citizens.  You will see for yourself how Thomas is wrong.  Rich, atheistic “Jews” that are bankers don’t give a rats ass about the people of Israel. 

  The White House and NON-Jews IN the White House (Rahm Emmanuel no longer on O’s staff, so, no mas Jews) do not give a damn about Israel.  Thats the facts.  A True Zionist would never demand that Israeli Jews that don’t bother anybody- leave their homes and become refugees.  Helen Thomas ranks in American, left wing “Jews” in name only with these people below and frankly, I am sick of it.  I could not even sleep until I put this up.  I’ve never been to Israel. I dont even plan on going. But, I am sick and tired of people saying that ALL Jews are “Zionists” when that is BS. After you see this, perhaps, Helen, can you get your DAMNED JEWS straight, you old bitch?? 

 How come you were not happy when THESE Zionists got the ‘hell out of ‘palestine?’ 

 The UNTOLD Story of Gush Katif, The facts about the REAL Zionists:

Photos & Story from:

Click on the picture above for more information on many little states in the east.

Young Jewish Israeli beaten by “palestinians” -Aug 2005 are when these pictures were all taken.

Israeli woman weeps while surrounded by IDF & forced out of her home.

Anti-govt Israelis were only allowed to wear orange to express their dissent of becoming refugees.  Below is a woman trying to shame the IDF, and to possibly leave her and her family alone to live in her home.


Young woman being taken by the IDF from her home.

A distressed woman clutches on to a railing.
Jewish settlers shout at Israeli policemen from a hole in the roof of their home before being forcibly evacuated.
An Israeli girl receives medical treatment.Hurt by ‘palis’
Palestinian Fatah members celebrate the Israeli pullout.
Palis w/ victory flags over Netzarim synagogue.

IDF, at least 50 of them forcing this woman off her land:

So, are these the ZIONISTS you are referring to, you old, disgusting, hypocritical, leftist, NAZI, slimebag female?


Love a Pro-ZION enemy of yours, forever..