Race/Hate Crime Murder: White Woman, 31 Tortured & Burned Alive By 3 Blacks

Race/Hate Crime: White Woman, 31 Tortured & Burned Alive By 3 Blacks

The punishments in this country rarely fit the crimes. In the worst crimes, instead of giving the perpetrators free room and board, cable TV,  along with sports and weights for the next 20 years, which is far better than they have free on the streets, the punishment should be 36 lashes in public.  That will leave deep scars for the rest of their lives.  For the ultimate crime of murder, I propose torture till death.  Nothing short of this will stop the savages that were let into this country on a foolish immigration policy and also stop our own home grown violent troglodytes.

-David Ben Moshe

Another brutal South African style hate crime murder in the USA.  Just another day in the black on white crime nation.

Click: White female, 31, tortured and burned alive in hate crime