Obama Warned Putin Tonight About Ukraine…….

An art collage from November 2013

What an embarrassment Obama is, a joke not just to the American people, but to leaders around the globe.  He is truly the Pantywaist in Chief.

-David Ben Moshe

Pierre Omidyar Co-Funded Ukraine Revolution (Coup’DeTat) W/ US Govt, Documents Show:

Pierre Omidyar Co-Funded Ukraine Revolution (Coup’DeTat) W/ US Govt Documents Show:

Looks like a real “Zionist” plot, complete with Iranian Ebay founder, Omidyar & Israel-hating George Soros.  Click to see many more documents: @ Pando.  Hat tip, wife’s Twitter friend, Chris


Read all about Omidyar:  News for pierre omidyar

I believe that most Americans have had enough of ‘change.’

Meanwhile, our brave leader is going to stand up to Vladimir Putin and bring USA into a potential war with our homosexual, woman-fuzzy military: Obama To Deliver Statement On Ukraine At 4:45 PM – Live Stream

-David Ben Moshe

Take No Prisoners

a63We had a sudden death and it shook us up pretty badly.  It had depressed me more than I realized.  It got me thinking about the Ukrainian people.. They ‘suddenly’ had a coup.  Their country is turned upside down and people part of their government are people that the majority despises: NAZIs.

So, here is the latest update on my previous insanity and shake up:  I am angry that so many fellow Americans just can’t seem to get a grasp of how the MSM works:  The MSM builds up war, violence, genocide, the murder of Christians in Syria, Egypt and Libya – plus violent coups.  Our government is now very terroristic.   Most small, poor countries live in serious fear of the US govt taking over their countries.. 

Our government with the EU – plus SOROS have installed many oppressive and murderous regimes over the last 5 years, including Egypt, Libya now Ukraine and they tried to oust Assad.  Assad is still fighting them.  I hope that Assad gets his country back.  Yes, I do.  Its HIS country.  He is killing many terrorists and foreign infiltrators which are funded by YOUR tax dollars.  The US government wants Islamic terrorists in the middle east as leaders and now, neo-nazis in the Ukraine: just ask John McCain who has NO problem being photo’d with these maniacs..  Many people said Nuland and McCain did not know these people were radicals:  I say BULLSH’T. 

Are you NOT getting the picture yet and how long will it take until you do?

This is why I had a shake up the other day:  I could not believe how many blogs that call themselves ‘conservative’ were rooting for this coup de’tat in Ukraine.  There is a process that the Ukrainians also go through: Its called voting.  It’s not called: Destroy your own country until you get your way.  It is not called: Firebomb your capital, attack and murder the police until the man you hate leaves office. 

You wonder why we have a 3rd world banana republic when you are FOR the coups that often take place in OTHER 3rd world banana republics?

We’re getting what we deserve for rooting & supporting for this type of FUBAR.

What issues do Ukraine and USA have in common?  Nothing that I can see.  America has a foreign, Communist, America-hating, usurper as Pres.  Ukraine has an elected Prez FROM Ukraine.   Even if Obama was born here, his daddy was NOT and never became a US citizen.  To be an American pres, you must have TWO parent citizens and that’s the reason for our current lawlessness.  If the leader of the country is not LAWFUL, there will be rampant lawlessness and this is why Obama must be impeached and tossed, expeditiously.  The fish rots from the head down.. 

Another reason our problem is different than Ukraine’s:  An actual silent military coup would have to take place with the evidence mounting against the foreign-born Obama who also has dual allegiances with Indonesia and Kenya.  America has a foreign tyrant who expands big government with NSA, NDAA, the Patriot Act, abuse of the IRS, many dead bodies in his regime, appointments of radical racists and Communist radicals.    How is this anything like Ukraine?  What crimes did Yanukovych commit that we know of before the uprising?  We didnt hear about that.  We just ‘believed’… Brings me to this last point: The MSM propped you up to support a revolt that you knew NOTHING about.  You fell for it again, hook, line and sinker just as many did in Libya, Egypt and Syria.. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

OUR govt kills and oppresses its own citizens!  Look & sift through Obama’s dead pool: HERE… the monster to fear is HERE, in the USA.  Look in the mirror!!!

At any rate:  Its none of our business if they are bad leaders in other countries.  The Constitution does not say that we must subvert and undermine other countries with coups!!! WHERE DOES IT SAY THIS?  WE HAVE THE WORST LEADER IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW.

  ….Just a thought… How do the Commie Pussy rioters feel now?  They helped this happen to the Ukrainians.  Sick witches.

Anyway, here is a song.. Cheerio.  I am OK now.  Not totally out of the woods but OK.  I want to thank Angela, (My “GoyGramma”) Chris H,  Brit, L44, Zilla and of course QV and MH (a few others, too!)  You, who were so nice to me during this time I was pissed and going nutty:

Love, me and David Ben Moshe

Mexican Paper To Obama: “Don’t Come Back, You’re Superficial, Demogogic, Imperialist, Irresponsible!”

Mexican Paper To Obama: “Don’t Come Back, You’re Superficial, Demogogic, Imperialist, Irresponsible!”


‘President Obama has no idea of what is relations with Mexico’

Isn’t THAT something when Mexicans in the 3rd world know better than the ‘educated’ Liberal professors.  Real brilliant to have voted for and allowed this idiot another 4 years..

“Other than being good for speeches and speechifying, Mr. Obama has been a bad President and an abysmal international leader: he doesn’t understand the economy; he doesn’t understand the world, and therefore diplomatic relations with the United States are a disaster.”


He spent more time playing golf during his visit to Mexico than he spent on Mexico itself.

“This guy has no idea of what’s involved in advancing relations with us: Compare President Kennedy’s ‘Alliance for Progress’ initiative, to what this gent says and does. There is no comparison! This man doesn’t understand anything beyond basketball, Oprah, and, more or less, golf. He is populist, demogogic, imperialist, SUPERFICIAL and irresponsible….”

Not a LaRouche fan, but he is SO right sometimes.. Hat tip, QV..

Happy Now, Leftist Bastards & PHONY Patriots? Ukraine Now Has Neo-Nazi’s In Their Government, YOU ANIMALS.

Happy Now, Leftist Bastards & PHONY Patriots?  Ukraine Now Has Neo-Nazi’s In Their Government, YOU ANIMALS.

We were right from the beginning and got called ‘conspiracy theorists’ & “Russian Propagandists”   *You A$$HOLES.….The left is always looking for the fake, white, boogeyman here in America….. But, have NO problem with their neo-con, FRAUD, ‘patriot’, ‘conservative’ enablers installing NAZIS & Muslim terrorists into other countries..

Oleh Tyahnybok:  This POS went to Chechnya where he fought WITH Muslim terrorists against the Russians.  He has also been accused of torturing and beheading captured Russian soldiers. I hope the Russians take him out.  Muslims, Commies, Nazis… Sickening.

Former Soviet citizen, now in USA is sick over what is happening:

‘The party, which has been accused of promoting anti-Semitism and xenophobia, says Daily Caller, below’

Oh gimme a break, thats stating it MILDLY.  

The guy is an outright nazi who just wants Ukraine for Ukrainians only, period. He hates ANYONE not pure-blooded Ukrainian.   How will this work out for Ukrainian Russians?    He is just like Obama – who hates anyone not a Trayvon.

“Anti semitic??”  I cant stand many left-wing Jews but I dont want to just kill everyone who does not think just like me.  That is what this man’s ideology is.   I dont want to just kill everyone who does not look like ME. Thats anti-
American.  He’s a Ukrainian NAZI.

From the Daily Caller where they banned me:  HERE…  ALSO: My friend, a Brit in Ukraine tried to warn people of this in 2012: Graham Phillips

Michael Savage finally woke up to this COUP DE’TAT: SAVAGE INTERVIEW: U.S. teaming with neo-Nazis in Ukraine

People wonder why I am frustrated, angered, outraged to the point of wanting total seclusion from many American humans. 

(‘Soldier’ is a Ukrainian Nazi, See the “N” on his helmet? He is also a Svoboda party member, no doubt.)

I digress:  Why shouldn’t a NAZI come into power?  Soros helped Nazis and delighted in seeing his fellow Jews murdered, plus 5.5 mil plus Christians.  Soros claimed responsibility for the Ukrainian disaster: King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

By the way:  We had a sudden death. Our friend just died a few days ago- just like that.  It grieved me more than I had realized the other day.  

King George Soros Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

King George Soros, Speaks Out On HIS Revolution in Ukraine

Below is this Bastard’s admission of guilt in his Ukraine revolution.  In this sentence, he says that he created The ‘Renaissance Foundation’ In Ukraine:

‘I established the Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine in 1990 – before the country achieved independence.’

He ends his admission advising Merkel to embrace Putin as a friend in HIS ‘Renaissance’  Didn’t Russia kick this guy to the curb for undermining the Russian government?  Does he expect Putin to bow down to him as Obama and McCain have??

‘Chancellor Angela Merkel must reach out to President Vladimir Putin to ensure that Russia is a partner, not an opponent, in the Ukrainian renaissance.’

More at:  Project Syndicate

This blog told you that the whole revolution was run by George Soros.

After what he did for the Nazis in 1944, his so called greatest year of his life, why didnt the families of his victims take care of this man??

-David Ben Moshe

I Am Discouraged & Will Now Rest. Enough For Me.

I Am Been Discouraged & Will Now Rest.

As you all know, we have done the level-best to show you the truth of what is happening in Ukraine & other subjects.   I have done all that I can.   Today, on one of the first sites I have ever been a part of:  I was not brought up at all re. Ukraine and the fascism/Nazi-ism and the fiasco there.  Only some other blogger (who posted ONE post on Ukraine) and another site was brought up: She/he is the ‘only’ truth teller’ according to this one member..   This hurt me deeply because I have sacrificed much for this one website.  But, not only because of that, but also it is HARD to find the truth in today’s untruth, post it – and be ignored.     The disregard has felt like a punch in the stomach to me.  The casual insult just made me vomit. Literally.   We have also had people unlink us on the side of their blogs. Good riddance.

Its not bad enough that WordPress screws up our statistics, DAILY (I have to use an art website to get my true stats) or that many ‘conservatives’ are too cowardly to link me.  Or the fact that people think we are just lying with ‘Russian propaganda.’  “Too right wing” …Or whatever.  I’m an American patriot.  That’s all.

AND: I have had it, the total disregard, lack of recognition,  the dishonor, no mentions, nothing.   So, bye for awhile.  I may not even come back.   I’ve had it.  Rejected by your tea party for being ‘too right wing.’  Ignored by you phoney ‘conservatives’,  cast out and pushed aside like so much garbage by people I know.  Go eat each-other for all I care and eat the news that comes from the main stream media.  What the hell do I care anymore..

Good bye.


Anthony Weiner Shows Pecker On Twitter: Resigns. John McCain Photo’d W/ Nazis & Islamic Jihadists: Resumes Position

Anthony Weiner Shows Pecker On Twitter: Resigns. John McCain Photo’d W/ Nazis & Islamic Jihadists: Resumes Position

And, what really bothers me is NO big talking ‘conservative’ websites showed John McCain with the neo-Nazi (Svoboda party) leader.  Why? Cowardly, much? YES. AS USUAL.


The pecker pic is not the point.  Its the double standard.  I’m so sick of it on either side. John McCain was a ‘supposed’ war hero in Viet Nam.  Well, it isn’t what he did THEN that is the problem. It is what he is doing NOW that is the issue: Starting wars all over the planet in OUR name.  Hanging around and photo’d with the worst of humanity..

I am trying to get this all straight… Weiner shows his prick and that was NOT OK. Yes, it was grotesque to do so on a public forum, but it didn’t hurt anyone, physically.   John McCain gets to make buddy-buddy with Jihadist terrorists (The Syrian “Rebels”) who are murdering and massacring Syrian Christians and civilians & cannibalizing them, that is OK.  John McCain smiling and hanging with the Svoboda party, (neo-nazis) who have turned Ukraine upside down & destroyed the country, complete with a coup de’tat is OK.

The things that McCain does are AOK, but when Weiner shows his DICK he is demanded to resign:  ALL pigs (like Weiner) and traitors (like McCain) should be forced to leave.

America, get rid of John McCain, its time to take out the trash.  John Ashcroft and Trent Lott resigned over much less.  OR, do you “Liberals” like this traitor around because he kisses Obama’s ass? 



An art collage from November 2013