#BooHoo-Commie/Liberal White Hating Professor, Prabhjot Singh Beaten By Blacks In Harlem.

#BooHoo – Commie/Liberal White Hating Professor Beaten By Blacks In Harlem. 

Wear your clothing get-up all you wish.  To a black racist, you just look like a ‘white supremacist’ in costume.

I am soooooo NOT upset.  Poetic justice.  There is a God.  This is well-deserved.  Sorry, Commies, you deserve what you’ve got coming.  Creeps like Prabhjot Singh enable black racists instead of building up people like Al West, Pastor Manning, etc.. 

Stupid Professor..If you’re white or If You look white, You ARE A Target. Usually Sikhs are pretty normal and super nice….Not this idiot!!

 Dumbass schmedrick.

Click-Liberal White-Hating Professor Beaten By Blacks In Harlem

Son Of Obama Punches White, Female Clerk In The Face Over $1.41

Son Of Obama Punches White, Female Clerk In The Face Over 41 Cents (Edited, it was a whole $1.41, not .41)

He should have brought his race card, I hear you can get a discount with it.  Black savages are enabled by Barack Obama and Eric Holder.  They think they are entitled to anything they want.  And, if they don’t get their way, they slap whitey and turn violent like animals.

Click:  Here to see this story. 


-David Ben Moshe

BOLSHEVIK/COMMUNIST, Barb Boxer Says “Govt Shutdown Is War On Women.” Lies, Lies & More Lies

BOLSHEVIK/COMMUNIST Barb Boxer Says “Govt Shutdown Is War On Women.” Lies, Lies & More Lies


Marxist Liar, Barbara Boxer sends out talking points to the fraud news- MSM.. Gleefully, the Bolshevik talking heads will follow suit.  There is no ‘war on women’ in America.  There is a war against white Christian males.  Anyone with a brain knows this.  Once again, we find another Commie Senator lying out her ass to shove through the ‘greater good’ on we the people.  Boxer should be hanged for treason, expeditiously.  But, we don’t do that here in the USSA.  We put up with bullshit, day in and day out.  We only have ourselves to blameDEM LYING SEN: 'War on women!'

Go to hell, Barbara Boxer.  


Obama’s Sons Starting Out The Week By Murdering & Robbing White People

Obama’s Sons Starting Out The Week By Murdering & Robbing White People

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

How can a day go by without one of these savages go by without attacking white people?  How many times do we have to tell whites to get armed, even if it’s an illegal gun?


Click:  White 7-months-pregnant mom killed, black teen charged after Greenwood crash

Human victim:

Alisha Boyter and baby


Darius Andrews

Click: The 70-Year-Old White Man Beaten by Black in Unprovoked in 7-Eleven Parking Lot Has Died

Human victim:

James Gifford


Romeo Williams


Click:  White elderly man attacked by black home intruder

Click: Black West African immigrant murders White neighbor – stabbed in stomach

Thanks to  New Nation News for their reporting.

Hope & Change Meets BIG BIRD Who Has Been Discontinued From His Health Insurance

Hope & Change Meets BIG BIRD Who Has Been Discontinued From His Health Insurance

Where are all of the Communist Liberals for Big bird?  As usual, they hide. Say nothing.  Why?  Its all for the greater good.  So, they must be quiet no matter how much pain this is causing people. Big Bird received 17K tweets a min. when the Demo/Liberals felt sorry for him during the election.  What rubbish.   Such double standards..  Remember Mitt Romey saying he would cut off Big Bird?  Well, Obama did.  So, just more lies from the Obama camp and phoney outrage from the Liberal cabal of idiocy..

Big Bird is about to lose his health insurance  under Obamacare. Or, at least, at least the guy who walks around in the Big Bird suit at Sesame Place is. – See more at: here

Where is Al Sharpton, now?

No Freedom..

An art collage from September 2013
NO Freedom, by P. AsheDina, TMJ C. 2013

When I was young, I was deathly afraid of the ‘reds’ (The Soviets/Communists) Now…we ARE the Communists.  We are not a free people. If you are still singing God bless America, you are lying to yourselves.  The nation (as a whole) is sick.  We are in chains and it will get worse.   Our founding fathers were not ‘liberals’.  And, as much as they (the LIBERAL FILTH) try to tell us they were, they lie.  Liberals/Commies/Progressives are just liars.  Anal-sex loving, baby murdering, psychopaths that should be killed and often. 

Observe this Ballerina.. This is what you and I are, now.  People locked in cages, unable to dance in a free world:

Love, MJ

By the way, Nazis & Liberals (Same thing, same evil) You are banned from commenting here.  Feel the fascism, YOU created it.  You are sent to spam nothingness-where your comments are automatically deleted thanks to the new wordpress set up.  How does it feel to have NO voice?  Shitty, huh!? Good!

DEATH TO LIBERALS-We Will All Be Forced Into Communist “Health-Care” Against Our Will.

DEATH TO LIBERALS-We Will All Be Forced Into Communist “Health-Care” Against Our Will.

I am devastated and crushed today because of this ‘health-care’ discontinuance shit. Being forced into something against my will has made me violently sick

Some of you know that I have been discontinued from my healthcare come Jan 2014.   My personal fear is that I will look into a different plan this week that Blue cross provides and it will be $700- or more a month.  I can’t afford $700- a month health care.  I pay $325-a mon and can afford that.   I’m a little above middle class, self-employed and hired to sing and entertain elderly, WW2 vets, restaurants, lounges, meetings, balls, etc.   So, what I pay is out of pocket.  I have not minded paying out of pocket because I (David and I) work for it.  We pay what we can afford..

The way I grew up….. 

 Never be a drain on fellow Americans. Do not EVER take welfare, food-stamps, disability or unemployment.  Unless sick and even then, VERY sick.  This is how I was raised.  Don’t borrow from Mom, Nana, my Father-nobody. You are an adult, you pay for yourself.  True, that my mother has helped me when I went through surgery, when I had my first apartment and one time when I was sick in 2005.  This, my mother did for me voluntarily. I did NOT ask my own mother to help me because I was raised to not ever ask for help.  Do not borrow, etc.  I have borrowed money 3x in my life.

It is making me violently ill today thinking that we will be a drain on each-other.  

What about really poor people that cannot even pay, say, $90- a month, individually?  Who will foot their bill?  Oh, the rich will do that.. Right?  

F*CK these Liberals, death to them.  They destroy the spirit of a person and are still not happy.  Death is not good enough–they should be tortured.  But, good men do nothing, so just deal with this Commie shit, you idiots.  You ‘men’ make me sick.   I have always tried to lift men up, but they allow this evil to continue and expect ME, a female – to take care of DC..  F’n mary’s.


Ty for the link, Doug: Blue Cross Dumps Mad Jewess Woman

The Mad Jewess Has Been Discontinued From Her Insurance/Heath Care. Thanks Obama

The Mad Jewess Has Been Discontinued From Her Insurance/Heath Care. Thanks Obama

My wife, The Mad Jewess, has been discontinued from her insurance plan under Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona.  Her plan was not ‘grandfathered in’.   Is this their way of forcing people into the Obama exchanges?

Letter we received:


We also have a friend–his whole family has been discontinued with some other provider.

See: You Can’t Keep Your Plan

While You Worry About Muslims Over THERE, Communist ‘Liberals’ Have Taken Over HERE

While You Worry About Muslims Over THERE, Communist ‘Liberals’ Have Taken Over HERE

The Communist Obama-care ‘law’ is now the law.  Traitors in the government have foisted this upon us.  How did they get this far?  They got far because one of two things:  Patriotic people are not united.  The tea-party is always worried about kissing liberal ass, making sure they don’t come across ‘mean’ or ‘racist’.. Its absurd. Because we all know WHO the racists are: Obama’s sons.

 Communists have taken over this nation and you are worried about being mean.

Another diversion is the Muslims in the middle east.  Sorry, but I can’t see worrying about what Muslims are doing over there when Commies have taken over here.   And, they are not just “Communists”, they are also very NAZI like with extreme racism against white people–same type persecution pre-Nazi Germany against the Jews is alive and well in the Dem party against whites and they don’t even try to hide it.  Every week, we hear another Communist “Liberal” dumping on white people in the main stream.  They pretend this is not racism.  It is.

After the NAVY Yard shooting, our Communist, foreign, usurper, squatter, Obama went on a rant against the 2nd Amendment like Communists always do.  As much as I despise the GOP, I read how Obama went on his rant against the Republican opposition (which is not much of an opposition)  after he cried like the bitch he is against those opposed to his Communism.    Harry Reid called the GOP terrorists, anarchists, etc.   Ted Cruz, demonized all over the net and on TV by the likes of O’Reilly, Hume, et al.  Traitors ALL.. This is what Communism looks like.  This is not your Granny’s Democrat Party.

Last thing (I cannot do this long, I don’t want my blood pressure to rise).  Anyone that is worried about friggin Islam over there – is of no use to us in this fight HERE.   Obama may have been born a Muslim, true- but his actions are ALL Communist.   I am sorry to be so brutal, but I have been in many physical fights in my life.   I did not look away from my attacker-EVER.   I punched until the attacker was down.    Worrying about Islam in other lands is a diversion.   In a fight, you don’t worry about a future enemy, you fight the enemy in your face.  Its not that I don’t respect Islam bloggers & reporters- its just that–for America–its a waste of precious time. 

All of the books & blog-posts written on the dangers of Islam have done what to stop Communism in AmeriKa?  Zero.


Oh, don’t believe his is a Commie?  Please….

See: President Psycho


My 2 cents this AM.

Some Health Issues. TMJ Will Not Be Posting For A Spell

My wife has high blood pressure and is under care.   The Dr does not want Pauli to engage in anything that will raise her B.P. until we find the correct medication.  Her last reading before seeing the physician was 155 over 103.  This is high for my wife who usually has readings of 117 over 67.

I will be demanding TMJ stays out of politics until we have this temporary setback under control and we will be spending quiet time enjoying the fall weather.   You can try to reach MJ on Twitter, [But, I may change computer passwords temporarily for her own benefit]  and she’ll answer when she is able: @madjewesswoman.  My Twitter handle is @DavidBenMoshe1 , but I rarely answer or post.

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