TRUE DOCUMENTARY: “Operation Dark Winter” A Mock Bio Terrorist Attack Used In 2001

TRUE DOCUMENTARY: “Operation Dark Winter” A Mock Bio Terrorist Attack Used In 2001


See this-

Operation Dark Winter – Wikipedia

I was thinking about this myself this morning and Mike Snyder must have been before me because he wrote about it also: Dark Winter’ Was The Code Name For A Scenario In Which A Biological Weapon Was Used Against The American populace

Isn’t it interesting that Joe Biden mentioned a very “Dark winter”? The Democratic Party is the Dark Winter – American Thinker

What did he mean by that? Like he doesn’t know about “Operation dark Winter?”. Of course he does. I find it interesting the Covid just seemed to ‘show up‘ before a Presidential election. Even more interesting is the fact that the Democrats hated Trump WITH A PASSION and would do anything to get him out. “Operation dark winter” my ass. Its all on purpose. By plan.

BOXER, Jake Paul Defeats Nate Robinson In 2nd Round. Jake Believes News Is Fake! He’s GREAT!

Jake Paul Defeats Nate Robinson In 2nd Round  Believes News Is Fake! He’s GREAT!

Jake Paul:

‘Paul continued, “You know, 98% of news is fake, so how do we know what’s actually real, and what we’re actually supposed to do?”’

Jake Paul "The Problem Child" (1-0-0) - Fights, Stats ...

I love this young dude. He’s good looking. He ‘tells it as it is’. He thinks the news is FAKE, YES! ’98 per cent of news is fake’:  I love when young people are on to the lying news.

Not only that….. But, he kicked the snot out of Nate Robinson:

Good going, studly.

Yapping Yid, Blumenthal & Marxist Markey Introduce Face Muzzle Legislation

Yapping Yid, Blumenthal & Marxist Markey Introduce Face Muzzle Legislation

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb are seeking to shove the face mask on all Americans. When I go out, I see more sheep WITH the masks on than without a mask on. We don’t need a friggin bill telling us what to wear.

My Mother’s friends wore masks ALL the time and got Covid anyway. My husband’s friends at the gym wore their masks ALL the time and came down with the Covid regardless. If you are susceptible to Covid, you will get it. Just like a flu.

Could the issue be that the masks are just not effective? Well, DUH….. According to the box the ‘strongest’ masks come in, (I-95), it plainly says that the masks won’t protect.

This is the ONLY mask that works for filthy-rat, Democrat, Communist Senators:

* Democratic Senators Announce National Face Mask Legislation


Murano Queen

Murano Queen, mixed media PAsheDina TMJ 2020

I found lots of bits and pieces off the net. Several. Anyway… Lately, I am really into Murano glass/Venetian glass. Because it is so colorful and indeed these are lousy times. Depressing times. The fall of everything is here. So, color makes me feel a tad better.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Ours sucked. Everyone is scared of the covid, so we didn’t meet like we all usually do. Why? Because some watch the TV news. I dont watch it. Why willingly watch a box of gibberish on purpose?

Anyway… just a note to say HI. Here’s a nice song:

Have a great weekend. Or, at least try.

Duh, Obama Is Satan’s Son: NO Shocker Re. His Book W/ Jew-Hate & Israel Rants

Duh, Obama Is Satan’s Son: NO Shocker Re. His Book W/ Jew-Israel Rants

Khaled Hamid Forum: Self-hating Jews, and the issue of ...

Why does this come as such a surprise to Jews and even some Christians that Obama’s new narcissistic book is filled with garbage propaganda & revised history about Israel? NO surprise that Obama is anti Israel. To even question this deserves a big, fat DUH. Lots of Lefto Jews in USA support this bottom feeding devil.

As you all know, I am an ethnic Jew and Christian, too: Jewish Mom, Christian Dad.

And, I will be candid: Obama is anti Christ. He is anti Jew. OK? First off, his name gives him away: Barack Hussein Obama: MUSLIM. His Daddy was an African Communist who was ‘anti colonial’. What the hell more do you need? I never look further than the surface with Left wing psycho’s.

He loves the Muslim call of prayer in the morning: The Azaan. He hearts Communism: “Spread the wealth.” The Commies from the Soviet Russian era started that anti Zionism rhetoric in the 1960’s. Of course Obama encourages the anti-Israel, hate-Israel, deplore-Israel club.

Moving right along….. this young, Israeli boy had an outer body experience. He describes Obama as the “Gog”. He also claims that Obama will attack Israel with the nations of the UN. I encourage you to watch this whole video:

I totally believe this young boy and his outer body experience.

The devil’s book – Obama’s revisionist ‘Promised Land’ (My friend dropped this off: Reuben) He already knows Obama is a jerk.

Proverbs 18:2 Accurately Describes Today’s Media

Proverbs 18:2 Accurately Describes Today’s Media

There are so many treasures in the book of Proverbs. God didnt leave us alone. His word is our best friend.

This totally describes the media today to a T. I remember when the News was on from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM. It was just the news: N-North, E-East, W-West, S-South. Events from the north to the south, east to the west. No opinions, just what transpired. Now, it is a collection of colliginous mouth pollution.

I Told Ya’All Obama Would Be Baaacckkk. His Yap Can’t Stay Closed

I Told Ya’All Obama Would Be Baaacckkk. His Yap Can’t Stay Closed

read my mind: Who is this Guy in the Oval Office? (Part 7)

I warned everyone the anti christ slob, Obama would be back in the picture. People laughed me to scorn… Is Satan’s Son (Obama) Is Going To Rise On The Political Scene Again–Bigly? (Posted on March 26, 2020. In March I told ya’all!!)

At any rate…. He is everywhere, stirring the pot of race driven politics. Obama says Americans voted for Trump because Republicans cast white men as ‘victims’

He can’t shut up about Trump. Obama tells Colbert of frustration with Trump’s ‘shambolic’ Covid response

He was involved with the voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election: Every State W/ Major #VoterFraud, Obama & Holder Call “Target” States On their Website: “All On The Line”

And, now he dumps on Evangelical Mexicans: Obama Claims Evangelical Latinos Disregarded Trump’s Racism Because of Views on ‘Abortion,’ ‘Gay Marriage’

1.7 million idiots bought his new book: Click here to see.

I told you he would be back.

He IS and he is here to stay.

Anyway…. I’ll just put it out there: I believe if Trump were to win all of his lawsuits, Obama would possibly have him assassinated. Obama will get rid of Kamala and make Biden go to a nursing home. I can see him easily taking the White house by force. That’s my thought. Hope I’m wrong.


UPDATE 1 Of My Dreams From 5/2020 Is Coming To Pass: New Disease W/ Body Sores

1 Of My Dreams From May 2020 Is Coming To Pass: New Disease With Sores

Update, another prophetic dream about this from 444 Website: 2 NEW PANDEMICS ARE COMING: PART 2 – EWM


God gave me a dream of a future event.

This prophetic dream I had in May 2020: I saw a man, (He was a black man), he had sores all over his body and face. And, now, see this –  “Mystery Disease” That Causes Sores On The Skin Has Already Spread To 700 People In Africa…

In this dream I saw people collecting large amounts of coal/charcoal.. So, that has yet to happen. God speaks in dreams.

Here is my Youtube from May:

From the WAYBACK Machine: