STAIND’s AARON LEWIS Urges Crowd To Chant ‘F’CK! JOE BIDEN’ During Show

STAIND’s AARON LEWIS Urges Crowd To Chant ‘F’CK! JOE BIDEN’ During Show

Joe Biden: Obama's Perfect Puppet - Freedom Wire

People hate the communist-Democrat party but they really hate Biden… Their anger should be directed at OBAMA. HE is the one running this sh’tshow:

This is my favorite “Staind” song:


TMJ Digi mix

For about a week, the Lord has lightened my load, spiritually speaking. I really was heavy spirited over all of the events that keep happening. I really don’t like when he releases me for a time because I lose my edge, get sloppy and lazy. Its just too ‘comfortable’. I would rather be at the edge of my seat. Alas, HE has given me some peace even tho I don’t want it, LOL.

I had a dream the other night: Little owls had made their home on my legs and feet. I looked down at them and said: “What are you little owls doing here!”

Tumblr: Image

I did a lot of research on the meaning yesterday and I came to this conclusion: Owls dwell in places of desertion, empty barns, deserts, (places like that). I had recently told my pal that I was in mourning for well over a year, observing the sad state of the nation and world. I believe God sent these owls to comfort me. Owls can take the desertion. They can handle lonely places. We all need to be more like owls.

May the bastards who are destroying the world be brought down to their deaths very soon.

EAGLES: The Best Guitar Players (In Unison) I’ve Ever Seen

This is the level best guitar playing in unison by Don Felder and Joe Walsh I have ever seen or heard at 5.25 on this video.

Don Felder and Joe Walsh both have their solo’s also which are impeccable.

Don Hendley will probably block us from watching this. Dumb leftist. Like he hasnt made hundreds of millions that he cant share a little music. TYPICAL Leftist creep!

I love Joe Walsh and Don Felder. They were so good looking and talented.

Pin on Classic Rock

Hendley can kiss my ugly, flat a$$.

Time For A JIM CROCE Break

PAR/TMJ 4/2021 She reminded me of the 1970’s. I digitally painted her.

One of my favorite story telling vocalists who played the acoustic guitar like a boss was Jim Croce… The songs he wrote were such great tales of life, love, lost love, Roller Derby Queens, and more. He was snuffed out too soon!! Croce was the ultimate acoustic singer of the 70’s. He filled the air with the aura of those years and it’s Bohemian, free-style so well. I think of a nice pair of Dungarees when I think of Jim Croce.

Man, I miss the 70’s-80’s. Life was so simple.

“Time in a bottle”

Jim Croce | The Story Behind The Song 

“Roller Derby Queen” (MY FAV!)

My other FAV! “Speedball tucker”

“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”

*Let’s Keep the conversation on this post on Jim Croce, art, etc.



TMJ/AsheDina, 4/2021

I love Gordon Lightfoot’s music. It is so uniquely HIM. He can’t be compared to anyone because nobody is like him and nobody has his voice. I made this lady with a ship on her head to remember the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 😦

I reminisce these songs because it gets me to thinking of a time when we were free. We are no more and it makes me sick, just about every damned day.


“If you could read my mind

vinny zaleski says:

“I’m a man and I’m not afraid to say that I cry everytime I listen to this great song…”

This is the saddest song I have EVER heard in my life, bar none:

Time For An ALLIES Band Break

I LOVED this band as a younger chick. They not only had great studio CD but their concerts were excellent as well.

The lead singer is Bob Carlisle, who sang the hit, “Butterfly Kisses”. And, although I really thought that song was nice, I loved the band he was with and they rocked it!! They were a Christian rock band. Fun, crazy and talented.

“Old Man Down”

“Long way from paradise”

“Christian Man”—this one is GREAT!

“Devil is a liar”…. One of my fav’s.

Doobie Brothers Break

The Doobie Brothers on Rock Hall News | Billboard | Billboard

Who doesn’t love these guys? I especially love their older tunes from the 70’s the most. Sorry all you idiot Libs…. The Doobie Brothers were WHITE.. WHITE!!! Booga-Booga-Booga!! White man’s bands were fabulous. They made so many memories for us. Sure, black groups were excellent, especially in the 50’s-80’s. Some of the best singers, in my opinion. But all of the classic rock bands I love are ‘EVIL’ WHITEY!!! Its sickening that the entertainment industry shuns white men. Now, we’re stuck with Lady Goo Goo, Cardi BS and Katy Perry (VOMIT!).


“Listen to the Music”

“Long Train Running”

“China Grove”

“Black Water”

My fav, “Jesus is just alright!”


They can dump all over white men but the facts are: They absolutely ROCK.



This is one of my all-time favorite bands. They were so Conservative and I loved that, even at a young age. I love the story telling in every one of their songs. Great imagination and life telling dramas with a little comedy mixed in…

This song below is a great one. For me it was great because I was a teenage rebel and liked smoking pot. I, of course got over being a pothead when I was 18 but this song really kept me from Cocaine which was a very ‘popular’, horrible drug in the 80’s.

The 1976 Winterland Concert is my favorite sounding Skynyrd concert:

“Gimme Back my bullets”… Great one. Its a good one for all men who are sick of the Lefty establishment turning men into wuss’s.

Another great manly song:

This song beneath is called “Opportunity”. Lynyrd Skynyrd was formed into a band called “Rossington Collins”. They had a female lead singer named Dale Krantz who was a helluva rocker.

The other songs I didn’t post you all already know. These are just my own personal favs.

Time For A JOURNEY Break

Time For A JOURNEY Break

Sure, I like the bubblegum-pop Journey songs but they are NO match for the early Journey band. NO comparison. This band was TOP NOTCH. What a voice Perry had. One of the top vocalists in my opinion. My former husband (Michael–he died from cancer, RIP) loved early Journey a lot. Michael was drummer for many bands in Cali (a fill-in) in the late 1970’s. He listened to Journey as if it was his personal church music. So, Michael….this is for you. I miss you. A LOT. You were my closest friend for 3 decades. I met you in 1989 and you left me here in 2019. 😦

Here are your songs, Michael. “Wheel in the sky” (Your fav)

I always loved this one from 1978. I was 14 when this one came out. We had beautiful music. Thank God.

“Separate Ways”. I believe this is the level best Journey song. Here is Arnel Pineda (present singer of Journey) who ALSO does it excellent:

And, Steve Perry’s original rendition.

Come on….. White boys, get out there and make some 70’s style music again, like Greta Van Fleet. Help us get thru the bs we’re all going thru.

Time For A FOREIGNER Break

A lot of rockers I have hung out with, (including my cuz who plays fill in drummer for many famous rock bands) always thought that Foreigner was “bubblegum rock”. I never did. I thought that Lou Gramm was an excellent rock vocalist and a fabulous lyricist. Ditto Mick Jones. Great guitarist, fabulous song writer. Kelly Hansen, the lead vocalist since 2005 is an outstanding rock singer.. I never hear him screaming or screeching. He has deep, rich, gutsy vocals. I think he is better than Lou Gramm. Of course, die hard Foreigner fans will scream and yell at me for that one, LOL.

Double Vision, Live at the “Rainbow”, 1978 with Lou Gramm:

“Say you will”, Live – acoustic version – 2017 Eagle Casino with Kelly Hansen. Fabulous, live vocals and their harmony is impeccable:

“Juke Box Hero”. Live, Nashville – 2010. The BEST Live version performed by Kelly Hansen: