#JAROMEBELL For Congress In VA: ‘Critical Race Theory Is Anti-white Poison’

JAROME BELL For VA: Critical Race Theory Is Anti-white Poison

I just received this email from a “Chief Bell” in Virginia who is running for congress. It’s sick and sad that a candidate now has to run to protect the majority (whites) against the white-hating Democrat bastards.

What the hell type of world is this? I’ve said for many years on this website: “White is the new Jew”. But, the only folks who have not figured this out yet are white people. Whites are too busy – to this day – defending themselves against the bully Commie-Crats who accuse them (just like the devil) of being racist. It’s ALL PROJECTION. It’s the sick, vomitous, pond-scum, poop-chute-loving, baby-murdering Commie-Crats that are the haters and true racist schmucks.

Here is what the email states:

Dear Dave,

Everywhere I look, I see state-sanctioned anti-white racism. The military I proudly served in for 27 years now teaches troops that white people are “privileged” and that America is a “white supremacist” nation. It’s called Critical Race Theory. But I simply call it what it is: racism against white Americans. 

When I’m in Washington, one of my first Bills will end this teaching at the federal level. I need your support today so we can stop this Democrat-fueled racism before a full-blown race war breaks out in AmericaChip into my congressional campaign today and help me end Critical Race Theory in America

They’re not just teaching this bunk in the military. They’re teaching it in our schools, too. They’re poisoning the minds of our youth, and teaching black Americans like me that we’re victims. How are we supposed to succeed with that mentality? 

We can’t — and that’s the point. The racist Democrats need blacks to be reliant on them so they can keep the black vote. I’m onto their game, and I’m ready to shout from the rooftops in Congress — but I need your generous support to make that happenCan I count on you for a contribution of $10, $25, or $50 to my election campaign today so I can end the poisonous, racist teaching of Critical Race Theory?

Look around, fellow patriot. Have race relations in America gotten better since Democrats started teaching Critical Race Theory? Of course not. They’ve gotten worse. Anyone with any sense can see that. It’s plain as day. 

Stop the radical racist Democrats from dividing this country further with a contribution to my campaign todayWe’re only a few days away from the end of May, and I am in critical need of your support to hit my $100,000 monthly fundraising goal, which is why I’m counting on you to chip in today. Thank you for helping me end state-sanctioned anti-white racism.
In Liberty,
Jarome Bell for Congress

Chief Jarome Bell
Republican Candidate
Virginia’s 2nd U.S. House District
P.S. Critical Race Theory is anti-white poison that Democrats have injected into the government, the military, and our schools. 

Here is his website: CLICK

Scandal Plagued Obama To Sign Exec Order Stopping Deportations? Hey Blacks, Say G’Bye To JOBS

Scandal Plagued  Obama To Sign Exec Order Stopping Deportations? Hey Blacks, Say G’Bye To JOBS

Obama’s father was NEVER an American citizen, making his presidency a total sham.  Every US president had American citizen parents.  But, not Obama, he does not have to because he is BLACK=Privilege…

Blacks who still support this piece of trash ought to be sent to a state hospital.  And, it is racist what he is doing:  Obama knows that the majority of illegals here in USA are Mexicans.   He knows most Mexicans from Mexico hate white people.   In fact, on Mexican Marxist television, they indoctrinate their people to believe that America is part of Mexico and they must come and claim it back: “Reconquista.”    Liberal Communists also believe that to complete their phucked up Communist revolution, an exec order to keep the Hispanians here is a must.    This is also why they tout that phony “White Privilege” crap: To guilt idiotic whites to believe they stole the land of America when they actually bought it.  Even the American Indian does not guilt up whites for the 1870’s.

SO: Congress….You are nothing.  The people are nothing.  Obama does what he wants as we have witness’d for 5.5 years, overseas and at home.  Why ramble on and on about Putin being a ‘dictator’ when we have this sonofabitch who IS the dictator of America??    When do men go to DC and take out the trash?  After your daughters and wives are raped by greasy, little 4’2″ wetbacks??

If you disagree with the illegal Obama & his exec orders….you’re a racist, hater, xeno, etc..



Obama Sons Update: Just More Beaten & Murdered White People, Nothing To See Here

Obama Sons Update: Just More Beaten & Murdered White People, Nothing To See Here

It’s not hate to murder white Americans.  To Barack’s boys, its justice.  But, G’d forbid one of Obama’s sons gets touched.

See: Suspect Arrested In Fatal Sylvan Street Shooting

See: Black suspect in hammer attack on White man outside West Philadelphia deli identified

See: Huntersville Residents on Edge as Search Continues for Murder Suspects

See: 3 suspects sought in north Seattle shooting that left (White) man dead

If Obama had a son…


News by:  http://www.newnation.org

-David Ben Moshe

Sons Of Obama Beating Elderly, Robbing Girl Scouts, Attacking White Male

Sons Of Obama Beating Elderly, Robbing Girl Scouts, Attacking White Males

Contributed by David Ben Moshe  News found by: http://newnation.org/

Obama’s young sons just doin’ what dey does best:

Daley Eisenmann



2 blacks in custody after (White) Girl Scouts robbed outside Winn Dixie

Matthew Robinson



Mob of (black racist) teens attack (White) man in downtown Cleveland



Black man accused of violent carjacking of (White) 77-year-old woman arrested

James Farley

Charlesey Smedley

Mob Of Obama’s Sons Attack 5 White People In Macon GA-Barack’s “Post Racial” America

Mob Of Obama’s Sons Attack 5 White People In Macon GA-Baracks “Post Racial” America

This is just more tolerance from the young, black community toward their fellow white Americans.  These white hating, black youths have help in the White house and AG office.  If the races were reversed, this would be a major news story for years.  If Obama had a son….

See: From Macon Telegraph…

According to police, a group of about 30 people were having a snowball fight at the high school Jan. 29. Members of the group allegedly were jumping on vehicles in the parking lot, and when one of the vehicle’s owners asked them to stop, they allegedly attacked that person and three others who came to his aid.

Hat tip:  Co CC Dozens of black teens attack five white victims while screaming racial slurs near Macon, Georgia

-David Ben Moshe

Jacksonville, FL: 4 Sons Of Obama ‘Knock Out’ 1 White Male

Jacksonville, FL: 4 Sons Of Obama ‘Knock Out’ 1 White Male

The left wing media says this is a made up right wing phenomena:

See: White man describes being victim of ‘knockout game’ – 2 instances happened in Arlington on Tuesday, Feb 5th  2014

Hat Tip, New Nation.

Thomas Florence

Savages not found yet:

-David Ben Moshe


See This Poster On Reddit: “I Was A Victim Of The Knock-Out Game, Ask Me Anything”

See This Poster On Reddit:  “I Was A Victim Of The Knock-Out Game, Ask Me Anything”

Communists in the main steam media claim that the knock-out game is a false phenomena, made up by the right-wing.  They say this to protect violent blacks & to cover up their false narratives.

Hat tip: 

See his post and comments in the last 20 hours, here.

One poster on the thread provides some excellent links:

And as Colin Flaherty thoroughly documented in his book “White Girl Bleed A Lot”, racially motivated black-on-White crime is an epidemic in the USA (and globally). And as he’s also made a strong argument for, Dirt-Baggers that control the media are actively covering up this growing epidemic of black-on-White hate crimes because it completely destroys the black victim/White oppressor narrative that they’ve been fanatically pushing on the masses for decades. And because they’re deathly afraid that if White people knew just how common and barbaric black-on-White hate crimes were, then White people might join racist White Nationalist groups like the KKK in droves…

More links from the above commenter regarding racial crimes:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Link 7

Link 8

Link 9

Link 10

Link 11

-David Ben Moshe

2 Sons Of Obama ‘Knockout’ White Male, Laughing As They Beat Him, Post Crime On Facebook

2 Sons Of Obama ‘Knockout’ White Male, Laughing As They Beat Him, Post Crime On Facebook

Remember, the left wing media says this is not happening.  Below is just a figment of the imagination:

From NY Daily News: Suspect laughs, cackles while filming sick attack on middle school

New York Daily News

ABC: 2 arrested in possible knockout game attack in NE Phila.

A Northeast Philadelphia middle school student was the victim of a random attack – video of which was later posted online.   Police now say two suspects have been arrested and investigators are looking for a third. They also say this definitely appears to be a part of the so-called knockout game.

Meanwhile, white adults are under the bed, scared to death of being called a racist.

-David Ben Moshe

Pittsburgh: Gang Of Young, White Females Beat 1 Black Young Woman Screaming “N#gger B’tch!”

Gang Of White Females Beat 1 Black Young Woman Screaming “N#gger B’tch!”

No, that’s not what happened but it got your attention because America only cares if it’s a racial crime perpetrated against a black person but not a white person.

4 young, black women beat this young white woman below as they were screaming ‘white bitch’ — Same type racial/beating happened to The Mad Jewess when she was younger.

Update:  This event took place in August:  Huffington Post reported it.  But, did we hear about it on the news?  No.  If it was 3 white females who did this, we would have heard about it for a year on the main stream.

Read it here:  Young Pittsburgh woman savagely beaten in racially motivated mob attack


-David Ben Moshe

Obama’s Sons Continue Race/Hate Crimes Against Innocent Whites As 2014 Starts (Murder, Beatings, Etc)

Obama’s Sons Continue Race/hate Crimes Against Innocent Whites As 2014 Starts

We will keep reporting these horriffc crimes but we have no hope in white America when even conservatives don’t want to expose America’s racial genocide against whites for fear of being called ‘racist’.  The “R” word is worse than death.

REMOVED: 19 year old murdered by 4 black bastards: 19 year old killed in apparent racial hate crime/thrill killing in Indianapolis

REMOVED: Blacks beat white driver for fun: Click: Thugs brutally beat Flint, MI bus driver for the fun of it

REMOVED: Click: Thugs beat Philly middle school student in racial hate crime, post video on Facebook to gloat.

REMOVED: Click: Former Anderson County, SC Sheriff attacked and shot in random hate crime, local media censors story.

Click: Update: Canadian tourist found fatally stabbed in Hollywood, Fla.

Leader of the black gangs:


-David Ben Moshe