French Conservative, Marine Le Pen: “I Hate This Soviet Europe”

French Conservative, Marine Le Pen: “I Hate This Soviet Europe”

Marine Le Pen.

MFS tweeted me this post last week.. I forgot about it but was reminded of it this morning.

Why does she say she “Hates this Soviet Europe?”  Because it is Europe that is the Soviet Communist, not Russia.  Russia is turning nationalistic and Christian more and more.  They have had no choice: They were also faced with their end a 1/4 of a century ago.    Things change, countries move ahead, nations go forward….or backward as has USA and EU.  Europe has thrown off its Christian roots as has America.  Both continents, including Canada  have forsaken their God, morals, ethics and now Communists, Fabian Marxists, Muslims, & illegals run the show.

Ironic is the USA who blames European policy for it’s downfall and even more expected & predictable is EU who is blaming USA for it’s demise.  Isn’t it past time for both to blame themselves and turn their hearts back to their roots?  The blame game is an unwillingness to take responsibility for actions.

For Liberals, they cannot see that their ideology of open borders, political correctness, ‘gay’ marriage and abortion has cause so much unhappiness and they are unwilling to change.

For Conservatives, they cannot see their twisted version of freedom:  Bombing countries at random & fattening the pockets of the likes of John McCain & how it has caused world-wide turmoil, they are also unwilling to change..

So, I don’t see much transformation for EU or USA in the near future.  Not until their pockets are empty and they are starving will things convert to decency.  But, not without bloodshed, unfortunately.

While The INSANE Left Worries About NON-Violent Cliven Bundy, An Anti-Gun Liberal Murdered 6 People

While The INSANE Left Was Worried About NON-Violent Bundy, Anti-Gun Liberal Murdered 7 People

In America, a man who says that “Negroes are better working, not living off of welfare” is treated as if he is more dangerous than a Liberal with an AK.

SO, I’m confused:

California has some of the toughest gun restrictions in the nation, heck, the world.. Yet this LIBERAL was able to get a gun? Have we learned whether the gun is legally registered? Of course, he’s he son of a Hollywood big wig, so it was probably easy.  This is proof, 100% – that gun control does not work–in the least bit.

Even though a leftist murderer killed this man’s son, he is blaming the NRA: Richard Martinez, Father of #UCSB Student Murdered in #IslaVista Rampage, Blames #NRA for Son’s Death

Liberalism is terror and murder.  Stop trying to pass the buck saying he was mentally ill.  We all know that most Liberals are mental and insane but at least they take their prescription meds.. This young man was reared in Liberal home and this is the ramifications of growing up LIBERAL in America.

Add another LIBERAL murderer to this picture:

A home decor collage from November 2013

WSJ #TOMPERKINS Says Anti-Capitalist/Democrats Like Nazis. He Is Right & I’ll Prove It

WSJ #TOMPERKINS Says Anti-Capitalist/Democrats Like Nazis. He Is Right & I’ll Prove It

A totalitarian by any other name is still a totalitarian.

Perkins had to apologize to fatass Abe Foxman’s ADL.  Why did he apologize?  As if Foxman does not know that many, many, many Jews were rich in Germany?  Were they not demonized and murdered?  Foxman, as usual, is wrong.

“We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler  (Speech of May 1, 1927. Quoted by Toland, 1976, p. 306)

….Yep, that’s an American liberal with their bs speak about the 1%, plus their new talk off re. ‘inequality’ & minimum wage…  Deal with it, “Liberals”, you are totalitarian.  That’s what you are.  Stop pretending you don’t know this. 

Multimillionaire venture capitalist Tom Perkins came under fire over the weekend when he penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal calling out the liberal wing of the Democratic Party for inciting a potential “progressive Kristallnacht” against the wealthy.

This Will Be YOUR World, USA & EU With ‘Anti-Racist’ Racist, Anti-Redemptive “Liberals” In Charge:

This Will Be YOUR World, USA & EU With ‘Anti-Racist’ Racist, Anti-Redemptive “Liberals” In Charge:

Liberals (Communists) are about abolishing whites, Christians and Jews, patriots,–plus anyone that will oppose them.  Think not?  Why do they dehumanize patriotic Americans, daily?  It’s genocide that’s happening.

This video below-is a nitemare.  Looks like the Liberal wet dream for America and EU.  This is why “Liberals” constantly ally with Jihadist-Islam:  Because they love death are anti-redemptive & reprobate.  Make no mistake:  Liberals (Communists) hate whites, elderly, Christians, religious Jews and patriots.  AND-if they are white, they hate being white.  Which is what racism is all about: hatred plus self loathing.   They build up racial animosity to the point of murder.  Truly-they want to slaughter off whites in genocide. Don’t believe?  Take a look around at the news the MSM hides to protect the racial/hate crimes on behalf of murderous blacks, browns and illegal occupiers.

This is the horror that awaits us all – if we do not ban Communism, call it by its name and then kill off this murderous ‘anti’ racist, RACIST ideology:

(Fascinating & Mind-boggling that so many whites, fraud ‘Christians’ and phony ‘Jews’ are FOR these killers..   They’re nuts..)

FATASS, Ed Schultz Claims Govt Shutdown Is Because Of “Racism” Against Hussein Obama

FATASS, Ed Schultz Claims Govt Shutdown Is Because Of “Racism” Against Hussein Obama

So, are we racist against Hussein Obama because his ‘law’ is forcing us into exchanges?  Fat, slob Ed does not bring up the countless victims of black on white crime.  You know, real racism..not this phoney garbage.. He is just a Communist liar.  

Look:  The govt is shut down and I don’t give a damn.  I just don’t.  Let it burn. I am tired of this fascistic, totalitarian, government in our lives.  Drones, NSA, NDAA, forcing poop-chute sex marriage on us against our will. Baby murder.  This government is psychopathic and I hope they all die with the exception of Ted Cruz, Louis Gomert and Trey Gowdy.  Rand Paul is OK. A few others..

BOLSHEVIK/COMMUNIST, Barb Boxer Says “Govt Shutdown Is War On Women.” Lies, Lies & More Lies

BOLSHEVIK/COMMUNIST Barb Boxer Says “Govt Shutdown Is War On Women.” Lies, Lies & More Lies


Marxist Liar, Barbara Boxer sends out talking points to the fraud news- MSM.. Gleefully, the Bolshevik talking heads will follow suit.  There is no ‘war on women’ in America.  There is a war against white Christian males.  Anyone with a brain knows this.  Once again, we find another Commie Senator lying out her ass to shove through the ‘greater good’ on we the people.  Boxer should be hanged for treason, expeditiously.  But, we don’t do that here in the USSA.  We put up with bullshit, day in and day out.  We only have ourselves to blameDEM LYING SEN: 'War on women!'

Go to hell, Barbara Boxer.  




The way to stop murderous racism is to expose it, shout it from the roof-tops.  Isn’t that what the blacks did in the 60’s?  If it was OK for them to stand up to racism, why is it NOT OK for us to !?

Clyburn is so damned ridiculous, he makes me want to take 5 Klonopins!! Inconvenient FACT for jackass, Clyburn: Pre- WW2, Nazi Germany: The NAZI’s beat from, stole from and murdered Jews.  They NEVER REPORTED IT to the “MSM”.  So, who is the NAZI?  You stupid, asinine windbag! You are the NAZI.


I don’t want any more racism, in any direction.  I suppose the black conservatives and Jews like me & my hubby, David are Nazzzzzzzzzzzzzzi for trying to stop this racism and anti-white hatred?  Clyburn is just trying to oppress us.   He is a racist, hater, anti-white BIGOT. The 60’s are over.  YOU are the oppressors now.



Commie Salon’s @DavidSirota “What If Prez Obama Lied To Us?” That’s RACIST David!

Commie Salon’s@DavidSirota  “What If Prez Obama Lied to Us?”  Thats RACIST David!

White-hating moron, David Sirota from “The Salon” is worried that Obama has lied about the NSA.  How stupid can one be?  All politicians lie.  Somehow, because Obama is black, he would not lie, David?  What? Is this only reserved for ‘evil’ white people?

You have to read this article.  Its just soooo obvious that Sirota has intentionally turned into a black-hating racist….!!!  What other explanation can there be?   Is racism good for me but not for thee?  Damn, these left wingers are a cancer. They can criticize this CREEP without being called racists- but we can’t? Bullsh*t!


This is the same jackass that hoped the Boston bomber was white. He got his wish, didn’t he?  Stupid jerk..


I just don’t buy that he’s so unaware of the world around him that he made such statements from a position of pure ignorance. On top of that, he has a motive. Yes, Obama has an obvious political interest in trying to hide as much of his administration’s potentially illegal behavior as possible, which means he has an incentive to calculatedly lie. For all of these reasons, it seems safe to suggest that when it comes to the NSA situation, the president seems to be lying.

See the rest:  What if the president lied to us?


By the way, your articles are TOO LONG.  Borrrrrrrrrrrrring.