Southern, Pro-Confederate Black Man Angry R. E. Lee Statue Is Gone:

Black Pro-Confederate Man Angry R. E. Lee Statue Is Gone

Of course he is very angry.  Its his culture being a southerner.  And, also being a southerner who knows his history.  Not the Pinko, Commie, “Progressive” hogwash about how the South was evil, Confederates are bad and the North was great.  Because that’s pretty much what ya learn in the Yankee states.  They teach nothing about Lincolns Marxists.

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Lots of black Southerners are pro Confederate.

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EYE-WITNESS To Man-Eating Cannibal Liberal In South Beach, FL-This Is What Leftism Has Brought To America

Eye-Witness To Man-Eating Cannibal Liberal In South Beach, FL-This Is What Leftism Has Brought To America.  You think I am joking? I AM NOT.  If we had a society of God-fearing individuals, we most certainly would not see a man-eating cannibal.  This is Liberalism/Progressivism.  Of that I am 100% certain. We will see more of this satanic-craziness.  It is a sign as well, in my opinion… Didnt the liberal #OWS crowd say they want to “EAT THE RICH?”    Well, here is the first encounter of what ‘eating’ a person REALLY is. He probably, no doubt, voted OBAMA.  It is not “Zombie.”   The man was probably on drugs.  Drugs are a leftist TOOL to dumb everyone down.  Especially Marijuana.  Observe America turned over to SATANIC-LIBERALISM.


More on this horrible  story of America gone INSANE.