Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists: We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists:  We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

First of all…they are not even ‘Liberal’.  What a lie!! Look up Liberal in the dictionary–they are opposite of the definition. They call themselves “Liberal” so they can HIDE their real motives..

Almost all acts of terror are committed in America BY Liberals.  They also enable Jihad Muslims.  Left-wing terrorists are everywhere.  When they call God fearing Christians and Conservatives ‘terrorists’, they are only projecting their own insanity.  These Liberals are in your neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, shopping markets, malls–plotting to kill your country.  Since the 1880’s, the left wing cabal of red terror has been scaring Americans.  They have no control.  They will even commit treason for the greater good: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS.

They want our guns to terrorize and murder us.  So, we need to remove fire-arms from ALL Liberals.  They are not worthy to possess guns.  Liberals hate freedom, they hate liberty.  With a passion.  They are only for huge government fascism like the Communists and the NAZIs. Liberals MUST be disarmed. They abuse their power to the max when in control.  Even their idiot “President” Obama starts little wars all over the east to terrorize little countries with HIS guns.  We never see Obama threatening to invade China or Russia because he is a BULLY.  That is what Liberals are: BULLIES.  A bully needs his/her power stripped.


The FBI arrested 5 #Occupy Cleveland protesters for plotting to blow up the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Bridge in May 2012. The terrorists repeatedly tried to blow up the bridge: LEFTIST TERRORISTS.

Tim Wise believes you should execute whites who are Tea-party members (TERRORIST!)

We ALL know about Bill Ayers the LEFTIST/TERRORIST.

Black Panthers; TERRORISTS who want to murder whites and their babies.  They have Eric Holder (TERRORIST) who enables and protects them.

3 of these 4 terrorists are LIBERALS:

a62The list goes on & on of Liberal-terrorists. They must be stopped.  If a right minded person EVER gets in office again, we must strip liberals of their guns, expeditiously.

The Heimlich Maneuver For Obama-Voting Idiots

The Heimlich Maneuver For Obama-Voting Idiots…

  1. From behind, wrap your arms around the idiot, Obama voter waist.
  2. Make a fist (punch him/her in the face, FIRST…..) THEN, place the thumb side of your fist against the shit-heads upper abdomen, below the ribcage and above the navel, and sock-it-to em.
  3. Grasp your fist with your other hand and press into their upper abdomen with a quick upward thrust (making the liberal puke).
  4. Repeat until object (Obama propaganda) is expelled.

Cannibalism IS The End Product Of Liberalism, By David Ben Moshe

Cannibalism IS The End Product Of Liberalism, By David Ben Moshe

Cannibalism is the end product of liberalism. How so, you ask.. Well, I’ll tell you, even if you didn’t ask. The drug culture is and has always been a big part of the liberal ideology.
This past weekend, a liberal druggie took “Bath-salts” (A type of LSD/PCP (’boutique drug’) instead of his usual stash of marijuana and thought he was a Grizzly Bear, trying to eat the face of a homeless man.
Police had to pump several bullets into him and thankfully, he is dead. This made the news but weeks earlier a similar thing happened, however, this time the Liberal, man-eater wasn’t a Negro, but a Cucaracha, who was not killed (damn it). They were able to subdue him with a stun-gun. This is what this nation faces if the liberal culture is allowed to persist, liberal brain dead drug users in a dumbed down liberal society, eating each other.
And why not? Our president enjoyed eating man’s best friend, dogs, and recently joked about it. A few steps up from eating dog is eating man.
Whats next??
-David Ben Moshe

More LIBERAL Insanity: Pastor Gets 2 Years For Teaching Disciplining Children With Spanking

More LIBERAL Insanity: Pastor Gets 2 Years For Teaching Disciplining Children With A Spanking… Amazing!

I got my ass kicked 2-3x growing up and I damned well deserved it.  This is just more Liberal insanity. ONLY A LIBERAL would want a lousy little brat for a child.  If you do not discipline your children WITH a spanking on the ass here and there…you will have raised a screwed-up adult.  But, this never stops Liberals, who raise up kids that are drug-dealing losers that end up eating dogs and peoples faces. 

Only a stupid, man-eating, drug-using, anal-sexo slob like a LIBERAL would have a Pastor locked up for idiocy like this. Liberal PIGS are the ‘top brass’ on morals & ethics, trashing the bible….. And people wonder WHY this nation is screwed 6 ways to Sunday.

Read the LIBERAL  insanity here.

Proverbs 13:24

He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.

EYE-WITNESS To Man-Eating Cannibal Liberal In South Beach, FL-This Is What Leftism Has Brought To America

Eye-Witness To Man-Eating Cannibal Liberal In South Beach, FL-This Is What Leftism Has Brought To America.  You think I am joking? I AM NOT.  If we had a society of God-fearing individuals, we most certainly would not see a man-eating cannibal.  This is Liberalism/Progressivism.  Of that I am 100% certain. We will see more of this satanic-craziness.  It is a sign as well, in my opinion… Didnt the liberal #OWS crowd say they want to “EAT THE RICH?”    Well, here is the first encounter of what ‘eating’ a person REALLY is. He probably, no doubt, voted OBAMA.  It is not “Zombie.”   The man was probably on drugs.  Drugs are a leftist TOOL to dumb everyone down.  Especially Marijuana.  Observe America turned over to SATANIC-LIBERALISM.


More on this horrible  story of America gone INSANE.

“American” ‘Liberals’ Better Take Note Of Greece: “The Time For Fear Has Come”~Its Coming To America

“Liberals” Better Take Note Of Greece: “The Time For Fear Has Come” ~Its Coming To America…

Their main issue in the election was bringing an end to immigration and the deportation of illegal aliens. The party also supports the Greek Orthodox Church.’

I want you ‘liberal’ blowhards to take a good, serious look at Greece.  They elected in a far-right wing party who is going to kill all the traitors.  The Greek Party in charge now are right-wing nationalists. (They call them ‘neo-nazis’. they are not ‘neo-nazis’, they are the right-wing. Nazi-ism is leftist, socialism IS left-wing, not right.) The Greeks in power will destroy the treacherous left that raised the debt and murdered the morale of their country with their EVIL left-wing ways and putting illegals first..  

This is what you ‘liberals’ do to countries; You obliterate them so badly that you will put mean people in power to destroy you.  So, you had better repent, and I mean NOW.  IF Obama gets in again; You are toast. You will be gone. You have turned America into a powder keg of hate. You will pay.


See The You-tube here.

Observe the fear that is coming to America.  You pushed. The time for fear is coming here:

Hooray the Golden Dawn (march song)

– Ζήτω η Χρυσή Αυγή

Pictures Of Obama vs Perry At 22 Are RACIST!!!!

This is what racism looks like:  

Fox News Racism Exposed In Perry/Obama Photos



When REAL racism happens (against black people), nobody will believe it anymore. It is a Peter and the Wolf scenerio now. This is why I talk about racial issues.  This is why I dont give a rats ass what people say on my blog about races anymore.  I am the other end of the spectrum.

“Liberals/Progressives” Leftists: Planning To Riot With Rage & Violence On Wall Street, Sept & Oct 2011

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Gee, I thought it was the Tea-party that was soooooooo violent.  Wrong.  Let them riot Wall St.  G’head. We still shoot here in the USA.  We dont use ‘rubber bullets’.  I hope they all get shot.  What is totally sickening about this, is that they want to take from people that worked for it. Not everyone on Wall Street is rich.

  These people (sub-humans) are theives. And even more sickening is that they have a no-good cause.  It is not for patriotic reasons, it is not for America. It is because they want world-wide BOLSHEVISM/COMMUNISM.  Well, I have been warning, my conscience is clear.  They also would LOVE if Prez Hussein would declare Martial Law.  That would be these filthy, debaucherous, scum, jakobites dream come true.

This makes me want to puke.  Well, YA ALL can come up here near my house, we WILL shoot you.

See: ‘U.S. Day of Rage’ Being Orchestrated for ‘Worldwide Democracy’ (think pseudoanarchist, neo-Marxist,

From the U.S. Day of Rage “About” page.