This Will Be YOUR World, USA & EU With ‘Anti-Racist’ Racist, Anti-Redemptive “Liberals” In Charge:

This Will Be YOUR World, USA & EU With ‘Anti-Racist’ Racist, Anti-Redemptive “Liberals” In Charge:

Liberals (Communists) are about abolishing whites, Christians and Jews, patriots,–plus anyone that will oppose them.  Think not?  Why do they dehumanize patriotic Americans, daily?  It’s genocide that’s happening.

This video below-is a nitemare.  Looks like the Liberal wet dream for America and EU.  This is why “Liberals” constantly ally with Jihadist-Islam:  Because they love death are anti-redemptive & reprobate.  Make no mistake:  Liberals (Communists) hate whites, elderly, Christians, religious Jews and patriots.  AND-if they are white, they hate being white.  Which is what racism is all about: hatred plus self loathing.   They build up racial animosity to the point of murder.  Truly-they want to slaughter off whites in genocide. Don’t believe?  Take a look around at the news the MSM hides to protect the racial/hate crimes on behalf of murderous blacks, browns and illegal occupiers.

This is the horror that awaits us all – if we do not ban Communism, call it by its name and then kill off this murderous ‘anti’ racist, RACIST ideology:

(Fascinating & Mind-boggling that so many whites, fraud ‘Christians’ and phony ‘Jews’ are FOR these killers..   They’re nuts..)

Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists: We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

Progressive/Commie ‘Liberals’ ARE Terrorists:  We Don’t Need Gun Control-We Need Liberal Control.

First of all…they are not even ‘Liberal’.  What a lie!! Look up Liberal in the dictionary–they are opposite of the definition. They call themselves “Liberal” so they can HIDE their real motives..

Almost all acts of terror are committed in America BY Liberals.  They also enable Jihad Muslims.  Left-wing terrorists are everywhere.  When they call God fearing Christians and Conservatives ‘terrorists’, they are only projecting their own insanity.  These Liberals are in your neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, shopping markets, malls–plotting to kill your country.  Since the 1880’s, the left wing cabal of red terror has been scaring Americans.  They have no control.  They will even commit treason for the greater good: HISTORY OF LEFT WING TERROR ATTACKS.

They want our guns to terrorize and murder us.  So, we need to remove fire-arms from ALL Liberals.  They are not worthy to possess guns.  Liberals hate freedom, they hate liberty.  With a passion.  They are only for huge government fascism like the Communists and the NAZIs. Liberals MUST be disarmed. They abuse their power to the max when in control.  Even their idiot “President” Obama starts little wars all over the east to terrorize little countries with HIS guns.  We never see Obama threatening to invade China or Russia because he is a BULLY.  That is what Liberals are: BULLIES.  A bully needs his/her power stripped.


The FBI arrested 5 #Occupy Cleveland protesters for plotting to blow up the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Bridge in May 2012. The terrorists repeatedly tried to blow up the bridge: LEFTIST TERRORISTS.

Tim Wise believes you should execute whites who are Tea-party members (TERRORIST!)

We ALL know about Bill Ayers the LEFTIST/TERRORIST.

Black Panthers; TERRORISTS who want to murder whites and their babies.  They have Eric Holder (TERRORIST) who enables and protects them.

3 of these 4 terrorists are LIBERALS:

a62The list goes on & on of Liberal-terrorists. They must be stopped.  If a right minded person EVER gets in office again, we must strip liberals of their guns, expeditiously.

Commie-Libs Outraged Over Anti-LGBT Russian Olympics But NEVER Outraged With Muslims Who HANG Homosexuals

Commie-Libs Outraged Over Anti-LGBT Russian Olympics But NEVER Outraged With Muslims Who HANG Homosexuals

Russia does not want to hang gays.  They just don’t want them in their Olympics.  That’s their right.  The Left wing creeps don’t seem to mind, though, if the Muslims have demands…..

The friggin hypocrisy is amazing with these idiots.  Russia is Russia. They have laws against militant LGBT. Its THEIR country, not yours, you sick Liberal slime. Its none of your damned business what another nation does or what their laws are.  Of course, Russia just wants some sanity after being Communist for almost a whole century.  They know that militant homosexuals are the downfall of ANY empire/nation, and a key point of enforcing Communism.  They are not stupid like O’MeriKa.

Muslims hang homosexuals.  That’s the facts.  But, the Communist cabal of filth NEVER address this. NEVER.  Whereas, Christians & conservative Jews DO.  So, who are the true haters of all mankind? THE LIBERALS. Period.  The Left does not ‘like’ gays. They just want Communism.  I may not like homosexuality, but I have fruit friends that are ANTI militant LGBT.  Nobody has to ‘like’ something or even approve of it and that’s none of your affair, COMMUNISTS.

Gays in a Muslim country:

Left-Wing ‘Tolerance’: Wis. HS Teen Bullied, Abused & Harassed At Public School For Being Conservative

Left-Wing Tolerance: WI H.S. Teen Bullied, Abused & Harassed At Public School For Being Conservative

About a week ago, I had a commenter with the name “MadJewessIsANazi” because I think bad Muslims should be turned into soap-ditto left wingers.  That is a thought I have here on my blog.  I, however, do not push this view on the tax-payers dime, or indoctrinate folks with their own $$ to think like I do – as her Marxist buddies like these WI teachers do.  I say it simple here; Dont like what I say?? Just move on to the next blog.  


Freedom Works has the story of a teen who has been bullied, abused and harassed in public schools for being Conservative.

More intolerance from Liberals here too: Young America’s Foundation broke the story about ‘how to attack conservatives and Christians.’

Leftist & Liberal FASCISTS Call For The Murder & Death Of A 6 Year Old Child

You still think liberals and left wingers are nice and tolerant?  They are not. They have been murdering people for over 100 years: Stalins Russia, Hitlers Germany, Maos China.. and the worst: 50 million babies in America.



Here is the young boys video:

MORE HERE: Leftists and Liberals Call for Killing of 6 year old Conservative!

Source @Patriot Update

The Heimlich Maneuver For Obama-Voting Idiots

The Heimlich Maneuver For Obama-Voting Idiots…

  1. From behind, wrap your arms around the idiot, Obama voter waist.
  2. Make a fist (punch him/her in the face, FIRST…..) THEN, place the thumb side of your fist against the shit-heads upper abdomen, below the ribcage and above the navel, and sock-it-to em.
  3. Grasp your fist with your other hand and press into their upper abdomen with a quick upward thrust (making the liberal puke).
  4. Repeat until object (Obama propaganda) is expelled.

School Children: “God Bless The USA” Is No Good. But, “Obama’s Gonna Change It” Is OK. “Liberals” SUCK, They Are EVIL

School Children: “God Bless The USA” Is No Good. But, “Obama’s Gonna Change It” Is OK. “Liberals” SUCK. They are EVIL.

Watch this video, with the Obama voting filth, yelling at kids for singing “God Bless The USA” on the school grounds.. Calling little kids ‘racist.’  These people make me SICK.  Singing the Obama’s Gonna Change It” Song is OK to these damned devils, but having love for ones country is not ok.  You Liberal psychopaths have royally screwed this nation up, 6 ways to Sunday.

Patriotic for country, “BAD:”

Stalinist-Obama, happy horse-shit, “Good:”

My plan for “Liberals” when I am President: