Female Pretending To Be A Man Gives Birth (Eyeroll)

Female Pretending To Be A Man Gives Birth (Eyeroll)

She/He/Freak calls herself a ‘pregnant man’. But, she’s a female acting as if she is a man. This type of sh’t, you just can’t make up.

Everyday, it is a new lunatic outpost.

Stupid Broad, Chelsea Clinton Wants Her Butcher Mother To Be The Prez. Chelsea Can Be Ambassador To Libya

Stupid Broad, Chelsea Clinton Wants Her Butcher Mother To Be The Prez.

Peri DPeri D ‏@PeriMedic3m says: I propose Chelsea for Ambassador to Libya.


I can just imagine all of the dumb females of America voting for Hillary just because they want to see a woman be the Prez. Watch out, guys.. Now, you’ll be called sexist for not liking the hag.

Killary is a female Dracula.  A Blood sucking Commie moonbat. With Hitlery as Prez, this will go over great in the Muslim world….NOT.

Ugly-looking, smelly, dirty sock, Chelsea Clinton is not partisan…!  (She does look like a sock, by the way..) Did Chelsea not listen to her own psychopath Mother during the Benghazi hearings?  Her Mother was friends with Chris Stevens.  Clinton hung her gay buddy, Chris Stevens out to dry.  So much for gays, huh? Maybe she’ll send some of the gays that support her to God knows where and let them die, too.  Here is the video of Chelsea endorsing her killer Mom.

“Gay” USA~L.A.P.D. Fires Toughest Cops For Being “Too Masculine.” Good Riddance, Californication

“Gay” USA” LAPD fires toughest cops for being too masculine, Good Riddance, Californication

California is turning into the worlds biggest garbage dump.  NO doubt, the Lefty-S.A. NAZI’s in Commie-fornia want sweet, little, pansy-ass fairies in charge of Los Angeles.. Good.  Let it burn.  I’m sick and tired of these left-wing cities, they really are vomitous.   Just think… If God himself–rid America of D.C., Manhattan, Los Angeles and Chicago (all lib pig-pens, btw) the WHOLE WORLD would be a better place.  We would have world peace (to some degree)  Now, that would truly be change you can believe in..

This is what the leftist, Social-justice for moonbats want to man the streets of Los Angeles (eye-roll):

That’s  really gonna work  against this:

This should be Freak-a-Fornia’s new state Anthem:

Get mad at QV all you want, but he is RIGHT about Sodom-O’MeriKa.

OBAMA PLEASE!!! Obama Blues song..

  Obama you are making most Americans want to PUKE.



 Very SWEET man that has the Blues, just like me with HUSSEIN as a ‘president’ 

Youtuber: adfiller  http://www.youtube.com/user/adfiller

 See his songs, and give him BIG ratings, tyvm – people NEED all the love and support we can give, people are VERY oppressed and depressed with this regime of NASTINESS.