Australia Proclaims “We Have To Accept The New World Order”

Australia Proclaims We Have To Accept “The New World Order”

I retain that I believe Australia and also New Zealand are both ‘testing grounds’ for the beast system (“NWO”). For years, the Communist Globalist bastards would tell me I was a “Conspiracy theorist” when I said “The powers-that-be’ are marching us towards the ‘New World Order'”. See what liars Commie are? It’s happening. We didn’t lie. It’s here.

No longer do you have to sit and figure out what is happening because the nitemare is here. The beginning of the Tribulation is upon us. It is “In real time”, now. They are telling you below that ‘they’ have started it.

Start at 3.00-4.50 when you click on the link or go ahead and listen to the whole video:

When I went to New Hyde Park many years ago.. I was intrigued by the quote on this statue:

MSM #COMMIE Freaks Blame Patriots 4 Boston Bombing, But Not Their Open Borders Insanity Which ENABLES Terror

MSM #COMMIE Freaks Blaming Patriots 4 Boston Bombing  ,But Not Their Open Borders Insanity Which ENABLES Terror

I can’t even have Time-off in Obamas f’cked up “America”

All of the assholes extraordinaire are out in droves, like Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer,  and an array of other idiots blaming America LOVING patriots for this bombing.  They blame Christians and religious people and call them ‘domestic terrorists.’  They are trying to seize and ban the guns of Veterans and now they have the g’damned audacity to blame patriots for their own f’k ups.

The fact is; the Communist tyrants that operate in the DEM party (AND the GOP) have completely crippled our nation in every state, city, village and town.  THEY are for the sanctuary cities, allowing Mexican drug cartels free reign and allow illegal, occupying criminals to go scot free and they call us the ‘terrorists?’  They are the damned terrorists.  THEY are the “JIHAD”.  Look no further than these politically correct windbags of deceit who now can’t even name WHO DID THE BOMBING because they don’t want to hurt the perps FEELINGS!!!!! G’D DAMN THEM.  WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE “OFFENDED”.

Independent Poll Has Mitt Romney At 94% For Prez In 2012, Barack Hussein Obama At 6%

Independent Poll Has Mitt Romney At 94% For Prez, Barack Hussein Obama At 6%… This is not my opinion.  It is a poll.  I don’t endorse anyone for Prez. IMO, the military should take over, throw Obama, Holder, Hillary, Biden and all of the other Commies the hell out.  But, thats just the opinion of The Mad Jewess… 😉

This is what the poll read when I was finished:

Take this poll:

IDF Soldier Smacks Down Communist “Protester” In Face W/ Gun~We *Should* Do The Same Here To Commies

IDF Soldier Smacks Down Communist “Protester”~We *Should*  Do The Same Here To Commies.  If its good enough for Israel, it should be good enough for here.

H/T: Bubba Rosenberg