THX JOE-BAMA – Pali Rockets Hit #Jerusalem. #IRAN Swarms US Warships:

THX JOE-BAMA – Pali Rockets In Jerusalem. IRAN Swarms US Warships:

Anytime the Communist party of America, (The Democrats) are in power, the middle east goes up in smoke, starting with Jimmy Carter’s bogus ‘peace deal’ 40+ years ago add Obama’s 26K rockets/bombs in 2016 alone, Bush’s Iraq quagmire, ETC. Every Prez after Carter, even the GOP just cannot get out of the middleeast: OIL=$$

Jerusalem Under Attack As Rockets Are Fired By Hamas (Actually, Israel has been under attack for weeks.) Why? Because the Arabs (Palis) are emboldened by Democrats: Daily Wire

Palis have been rioting for weeks: I wrote this on April 24, 2021: #ISRAEL: Arabs, “Palestinians” Are Rioting & Burning In the Streets (Just Like #BLM)

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April 24, 2021 Google search for Hamas rockets Israel. See for yourself.

THEN this happened earlier today, May 10, 2021:

What we are doing in the Persian Gulf when our own country has been ‘cyber attacked’ in our pipelines….(probably by our own government.) We should get the hell out of there. generated Image

…..It’s like he never left.

Russian ‘Protests’. Sparked By US Democrat War Mongers? US Dem Media Supports Seditionist Protests In Russia

Russian ‘Protests’. Sparked By US Democrat War Mongers? US Dem Media Supports Seditionist Protests Overseas

Convenient how this started right after Jo’Bama’s inauguration… Obama just started right back up where he left off. The Joe’Bama regime has not wasted ANY time in attacking Russia. Also Sending troops to Syria. They crave a war with Russia—bigtime. Think not? See:

Russian jet buzzes U.S. warship in the Black Sea, Jan 31

U.S. Navy Deploys Two Destroyers To Black Sea Triggering Russian Anti-Ship DrillsThe Drive Jan 30

As that is happening…


Large gathering of people for protests against Putin


I don’t give a damn if Russian instigator, Navalny is supposedly ‘right wing’. Its NOT our business to be involved in other countries affairs. This whole phony, US led ‘protest’ in Russia reeks of Soros, Obama, Murphy and the war mongering lunatics who have destroyed the world and America also.

I find it really interesting that the Democrats support insurrections overseas in one country after the next but here in the states, they accuse patriots who are dissenting against an overreaching govt of ‘treason‘. The Democrat party and members of the GOP support treasonous activity in other countries. But, if some patriots are FED UP with the Dem media and their bed buddy politicians that they decide to march to the capital and even get shot dead for their dissension, the Democrats foam at the mouth like the damned demons they ARE.

Wikipedia already has a page for the US instigated protests in RU, it was put up 4 hours ago. 2021 Russian protests – Wikipedia

FP Navalny Protests Sweep Russia as Kremlin Cries U.S interference…

CBS: Tens of thousands join protests in support of Russian opposition leader, Navalny ...

WA TIMES Russia protests: Alexei Navalny supporters defy Putin ..

.NY SLIMES: Pro-Navalny Protests Sweep Russia in Challenge to Putin …

Zero Hedge: Kremlin Tells US ‘Back Off’ Navalny Case As Viral ‘Putin Palace’ Story Deflated

Why are these MONSTERS antagonizing Russia? Do they WANT us bombed here at home? Does anyone recall that it was RUSSIA that defeated the Nazis? They did the major amount. You really think the Russian people are going to sit back as the neo Commu-Nazi Democrats attack them? Are these DEMoncrat GOBLINS insane? God AINT on the side of our queer military and our LGBT, baby-slaughtering country.


My Prophetic Dreams From Years 2009-2020-Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos, By: The Mad Jewess

So, What Is Coming? Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

DOD-Dept Of Defense Says That Russia & China Have “DEW”, Directed Energy Weapons:

Dept Of Defense Says That Russia & China Have “DEW”, Directed Energy Weapons:

Ive had my suspicions about how the fires on the Left Coast have gotten started.. Maybe “Winnie The Pooh”, (The US Govt) put his hand in the honey pot one too many times and pissed off the wrong people..

A couple of folks have questioned this:


Another Question:

#IRAN: CNN, Politico, NBC Etc In Solidarity W/ Soleimani Who “Fought ISIS”, Forget Obama ARMED #ISIS

#IRAN: CNN, Politico, NBC Etc In Solidarity With Soleimani Who “Fought ISIS”, Forget Obama ARMED #ISIS

As a few of us covered our government under Obama and his quest for Islamic and Communist/Left domination in the middle east, most outlets did not.  And, that covers most Republican, Conservative outlets as well.  Republicans and pretend anti-war Democrat Leftists both seem to love more war..

The Main Stream media Left-wing outlets are lamenting Soleimani but they seem to forget that their Left wing hero, OBAMA armed ISIS.  So, who’s ‘side’ are they on?

Politico: Who was Qassem Soleimani, and why is his death a major development in U.S.-Middle East relations?” 

CNN: “Analysis: It’s important to remember the role Soleimani played in the fight against ISIS”.

NBC: Soleimani is also credited with fighting the Islamic State militant group in Iraq.

MSNBC: The 62-year-old led Iran’s elite Quds Force, which had a hand in both fighting the Islamic State militant group and U.S. forces.”

Even Geraldo Rivera: “Geraldo Rivera laments strike on U.S. ‘friend’ Qassem Soleimani, says Quds leader ‘saved people’”


Lamentations, Lamentations, Leftists Lamenting…


Image result for drudge, Isis tweet

Lamentations, Lamentations, Leftist Lamentations….


Obama ADMITS he armed ISIS, “ISIL”


I find it rather peculiar that the Left has ‘all of the sudden’ turned on OBAMA!  Does this suddenly mean the Left will want to bring back OBAMA and impeach HIM for crimes against humanity?  Lol…

And….What a tangled web they weave when first they practice to deceive.


2017 – ‘Sorry, Democrats: Obama Is More Responsible For ISIS Than Trump’, FORBES

Zero Hedge, usually right on with most topics save topics of Jews and money in which he is almost always wrong:


Conservative Treehouse: Flashback to 2016: Secretary of State John Kerry Admits President Obama Intentionally Armed ISIS in Syria…

Intellihub: Busted! CIA reveals Hillary and Obama armed ISIS


It’s an extremely confusing situation….As for the Conservative Christian faction of the spectrum… Where are YOU going with this…….. ? SEE: 



We most certainly do support troops here and  are not ‘pro’ Soleimani like Left wing radical, America-hating gangsters.. We most certainly admire & respect President Trump in many other areas..

BUT:  I think me and my husband will obstinately stay anti-war, sons and daughter of peace.  More Switzerland-like..

 After all, didn’t Jesus say: “Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS?”  And, who can deny that Jesus said the most profound things in confusing times..

Is @SenJohnMcCain Proud? THIS Is What He Has Caused In Ukraine! McCain Is A MURDERER.

Is @SenJohnMcCain Proud? THIS Is What He Has Caused In Ukraine! MURDERER.

STOP blaming Russia (who had not even entered the picture in Ukraine until AFTER the Sochi Olympics), blame John McCain, Victoria Nuland and Pierre Omidyar for the murder in Ukraine.   I am sick and tired of American people blaming everyone else for what people in OUR government perpetrates in other nations.

Oh, this is from R’T’s.. Keep telling yourselves this is “Russian propaganda”, the  same way the MSM hides black on white crimes from the population.  The Main stream is complicit in hiding genocide:  Up to 100 killed in Kiev military op, Donetsk E. Ukraine – anti-govt forces

Ukraine SNAFU brought to you by…

Video of John McCain in Kiev on December 13, 2014.  STUPID Americans don’t even ask what this piece of vomitous garbage was even doing in Ukraine.

Your young men are not sent to fight for our freedom, they are sent to fight for John McCain, to keep his pockets fat.  Our country is not free.  Its a cesspool of nonsense.

Imagine Western-supported putschists toppling Ukraine’s legitimate government. Imagine usurping power lawlessly.Imagine fascism replacing democracy. Imagine it with US complicity and support.  Imagine waging war on ordinary people. Ones rejecting putschist power.  On freedom fighters. On Ukraine’s best and bravest. On people wanting to live free.  For fundamental rights everyone deserves.

Imagine being called terrorists for doing so. On May 16, Kiev declared Donetsk and Lugansk regions “terrorism organizations.”

NYTimes Propaganda Photos Of Russian Involvement In Ukraine Exposed: They Were Photos From Georgia, 2008?

NYTimes Propaganda Photos Of Russian Involvement In Ukraine Exposed: They Were Photos From Georgia, 2008?

Mayor of Slovyansk in Ukraine says photos are of his friends right here..

PHOTOS OR NOT:  I am sure our troops do not want to go murder Russians for John McCain/Obama’s WAR against Putin.  Isn’t it past time that Americans realize that Russia was involved in nothing in Ukraine pre March 2014 but John McCain, Victoria Nuland and the NGO were the ones who overthrew the Ukrainian government by Coup D’Etat?  Why they are doing this is beyond me.  But, I do believe it has to do with energy, gas, oil.


There are many original images from Georgia 2008 posted on reddit here. Discern for yourself.

Posted on Global Gag Me hat tip Lisa M.

Is the State Department lying once again?

NYTimes:  Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia and suggest that many of the men who have seized Ukrainian government sites are indeed Russian military and intelligence forces.

Now the question about the NYTimes is:  Why does anti War NYTimes want to GO to war??

Hagel Warns China (OUR CREDITOR) To Bla Bla Bla With Japan

Hagel Warns China (OUR CREDITOR) To Bla Bla Bla With Japan

So many Americans refuse to see the precarious position we are in.  The US Government has absolutely NO humility.  We are robbing from Peter to pay Paul and now Chuck Hagel is warning China to stop fighting over some disputed land with Japan?  We have no standing.  How much do we OWE China??  Over a trillion?

Let me tell you something about debtors (I was a debt collector in the 1990’s), Debtors never have any intention of paying bills.  If they do not make an effort to pay a bill, they ‘ain’t never gonna pay that bill.’  That’s the facts.  The ONLY thing we should be telling China is:  “How much will you settle this debt out for?”   The reason I say ‘settle’ is because the US Govt will NEVER pay the bill to China in full.

I can’t take the stupidity anymore, its making me want to blow a gasket.  A little less conversation…

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


Russia-Flashback December 2008, Barack Obama Predicted To Start WW3 In #Crimea. Obama & McCain MUST Go

Russia-Flashback December 2008, Barack Obama Predicted To Start WW3 In Crimea.  Obama & McCain MUST Go

We cannot leave this issue alone.   Do you want your children bombed and nuked?

An art collage from November 2013

I will NOT leave this volatile subject alone until there is peace again in Ukraine, until Barack Obama and John McCain are totally exposed for being enemies of humanity and punished accordingly.  The rest of you morons can scream “You Putin sympathizer” until you’re blue in the face, but I will not listen until these madmen are completely exposed.  Here I am very unwell and I will not stop.  They must be ousted.  NOBODY wants a nuclear war with Russia—at least nobody in their sane mind.  Russia is not our enemy, they will BECOME our enemy if we do not leave Eastern EU alone.

You can listen to Daboo77’s video to break it down a tad:

Here it is translated: Translated from a Russian news site: This article is from 2008, TY Lisa M.

Under the new U.S. President Barack Obama in the Crimea will be implemented scenario of armed conflict. It is the American scenario, and under Obama the probability is much higher than under McCain,” – said at a roundtable in Kiev, Russian political scientist Andrei Okara, said “New Region”.

Expert explains: “It became clear when it was announced that what people will represent the Obama team. These are people whose professional registration Wall Street. These people are engaged in a technology calledtechnology controlled chaos .

According to Okara, after Georgia area controlled chaos” in the first place, was to be the Ukraine, namely Crimea. This is the point of a fire, including global conflicts that escalate into a world war, which, unfortunately, is one of the scenarios, the implementation of which at the moment from the real” – says the analyst.

His colleague from the Ukrainian Institute of Russia Andrey Blinov agree that Russia is not interested in such a conflict. When people talk about the war in the Crimea or in the hamlet St. Michael, I believe that this scenario is marginal. A question more active economic participation of Russian capital is very likely. But it depends on when the crisis is over. If in 2010, while Russia will be much weaker, “- said the expert.

U.S. ambitions toward Crimea confirmed and signed recently the Ukrainian-American Charter on Strategic Partnership. The Charter provides for the unconditional recognition of the sovereignty of Ukraine and its integration into NATO, increased U.S. presence in the Crimea and other forms of cooperation. U.S. Ambassador William Taylor in Kiev, however, reassured: The Charter does not oblige any one of the two parties to assist military means.” And he added, if the boundaries are violated, we will meet and discuss our next steps.”

In the second section of the paper devoted to defense and security , said the interest of both countries to ” a strong, independent , democratic Ukraine ” , whose integration into European structures “is a mutual priority.” This section reiterates that Ukraine will join NATO . In the meantime , ” recognizing the global threat to stability in the world, to prevent them Ukraine and the United States will strengthen their cooperation in defense and security issues ,” – said the Ambassador. In addition, Taylor mentioned and concrete steps to improve the level of training and military supplies for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The fifth section is devoted to the expansion of human contacts and cooperation in the field of culture: Ukraine, as follows from the text (as submitted by Taylor), “welcomes the intention of the United States to increase its diplomatic presence in the Crimea. Format presence on the peninsula is still under discussion, “but it may be a structure with certain consular functions.”


The fact that Crimea is the most promising ground for destabilization beneficial both Americans and official Kyiv , observers say not the first month . Periodically pop up in the media , various scenarios by which the Ukrainian ” Democrats ” try to blow this ” powder keg ” redirecting claims to Russia . Proclivities pro-Russian activists Peninsula (like attempts to regain the Crimea to Russia through the court ) at the same time severely punished , but to complete victory over SBU ” dissidents ” , judging by the numerous symptoms , far away.

Provocations on the Crimean directionreally can not be avoided, we are convinced, in turn, Ukrainian Communists. U.S. prepares to throw to the east (aiming at this, of course, in Russia), but first they need to break the pro-Russian Crimea, exspeaker of the Crimean parliament, Verkhovna Rada deputy Leonid Grach. Scheduled for next year open a representative office in Simferopol U.S. the same series.

The fact that Ukraine is in range of the attention of the new U.S. president, analysts have stated previously. Obama will counterbalance Russia Ukraine , said political analyst Sergei Taran : ” The first time the Ukrainians may be neglected by the United States, as Obama will be busy with internal problems the United States. But in the long term efforts of the U.S. Obama will resume his authority in Europe , and in the long term, the new U.S. administration will pay particular attention to Ukraine, which could be a counterbalance to Russia in the region, and in the future – even counterbalance the old Europe example of modern Poland . “

Ukraine will remain for the United States deterrent to Russia, agrees Ukrainian political analyst Andrei Yermolaev. According to him, Ukraine for American policy has been and remains instrumental object that is used in a rather cynical strategies.

Most ” visionary ” already hard rehearsing for the upcoming bout Crimea: from the opera – held recently in Kiev command post exercise on ” Actions volunteer units on the Crimean theater of operations after the Russian military aggression .” Organizers merrymaking ( National Salvation Committee , which includes the party ” Brotherhood ” and ” New Force” and association ” Northern Brotherhood ” ) argue that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia , which will be held no later than 2011 , the entire burden of resistance will be on voluntary organizations . Scenario Campaign General Staff of the Armed Forces has already been developed , sure ” roleplayers ” .

This was planned and Russia picked up on Obama’s madness long ago.


As John McCain Is Pushing To Start WW3 In Ukraine, Who Is Taking Care Of Arizona?

As John McCain Is Pushing To Start WW3 In Ukraine, Who Is Taking Care Of Arizona

John McCain wants to make Nuke explosions the future of the world.


Why doesn’t this idiot move to Ukraine?  He does ZERO in Arizona. Only undermine.  This crotchity, old, hornet is AOK with our borders wide open, yet NOT OK with Russia on the border of Ukraine.   This piece of old stench is OK with far, far, far, rightists in charge of Ukraine.. But, can’t stand moderates like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.  You tell ME this jackass isn’t slippin from reality and into comatose land.   He must be senile.  Either that, or just getting sloppy in old age. 

The wack job just sent out this email: 

RNC Sends Out Fundraising Email From America’s Least Popular Senator

McCain does not believe he is the ‘least popular’.  The crazy is in denial.  He says that poll is ‘bogus.’  READ IT!!

McCain is supposed to be a Senator for ARIZONA.  Not a regime changer for Ukraine and Syria.

Look at the places this creep has screwed up:  Map: All the Countries John McCain Has attacked … – Mother Jones (Who I hate, but they’re right about this)

BTW: Ever wonder how much of your city or town 
can be wiped out by a nuclear explosion? 
Well wonder no more. 
A man by the name of Alex Wellerstein made this nifty little 
thing that lets you choose from a list of know nuclear bombs and will 
simulate the destructive force of it via blast radius in your city or 


Ron Paul Is RIGHT About #Ukraine: “US Debt 17 Trillion, We Cant Afford War Against Russia”

Ron Paul, Is RIGHT About #Ukraine: “US Debt 17 Trillion, We Cant Afford War Against Russia”

Obama and his cabal of evil will not be happy until Americans are nuked off the map.

I don’t give a damn if you love or hate Ron Paul:  Your Russian hatred is NOT justified at all.  I am ashamed at so many Americans right now.  The American MSM undermined the Russian Olympics, paints Putin to be some Soviet, Stalinist dictator who suppresses Christians as Stalin did in the former USSR.  Your vile, anti-Russian, anti-Christian hatred is an ABOMINATION to God.

America, whose government is now solely responsible for the murder & torture of Christians in Syria & Egypt will NOT go unpunished by God.  Your demonizing of Russia who is turning more Christian will also NOT go unpunished.