DON’T FLY #UnitedAirlines! They’re NOT Interested In Pilot Credentials: Will Start Hiring Based On Skin & Gender.

DON’T FLY United Airlines! They’re NOT Interested In Pilot Credentials: Will Start Hiring Based On Skin & Gender.

Call me a racist, Nazi, whatever phobe. I certainly will NOT fly with an airline that isn’t choosing the best, most experienced and smartest pilots–NO sir! Anyone knows that pilots tend to be ‘evil’ whitey or Jewish males….sometimes Asians males.

The stupid, pathetic, Lunatic Leftists are putting your life in danger with this new decision, brought to you by the ‘friendly skies’ of UnitedThe airline that just assume throw you off the flight at 25,000 feet with a new procedure like this!

I’ve never seen a female or a black pilot–EVER.

Hat tip: United Airlines says it will start hiring pilots based on their skin color and gender

Melissa Reeves, “Jen Horton” From Days Of Our Lives Soap Is Against #BLM Terrorists & Commie Libs Are Pissed

Melissa Reeves, “Jen Horton” From Days Of Our Lives Soap Is Against #BLM Terrorists & Commie Libs Are Pissed….


60 Top Melissa Reeves Pictures, Photos, & Images - Getty Images

Melissa Reeves  admires Candace Owens thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Terrorist group.  Why? Because she is sane.  But, you’re not allowed to dislike anything the Communist Left tells you that you must like.  If the Commies tell you that you must like molasses…you will like molasses or else.

Melissa Reeves ‘hearted’ Candace Owens Tweets/Instagram and this has made Melissa’s own Communist kin, “KAREN” (lol) really upset:  AT THE NYPOST

How could Reeves do such a thing!! Not respecting the BLM… !  The GALL!   Theyre such sweet, kind, thoughtful people…

Minnesota Gov. activates National Guard after days of violence, riots following George Floyd’s death

Protests, looting erupt in Minneapolis over racially charged killing by police - Reuters

Leftists Like @WhoopiGoldberg Dont Like Leftist #Looters,#Rioters Destroying Leftist Cities

Leftists Like @WhoopiGoldberg Dont Like Leftist #Looters,#Rioters Destroying Leftist Cities

Libs dont like the insanity they created.  The bible talks about this..

  • Brenton Septuagint Translation
    The heathen are caught in the destruction which they planned: in the very snare which they hid is their foot taken.

    Douay-Rheims Bible
    I will rejoice in thy salvation: the Gentiles have stuck fast in the destruction which they have prepared. Their foot hath been taken in the very snare which they hid.

    Darby Bible Translation
    The nations are sunk down in the pit [that] they made; in the net that they hid is their own foot taken.

Maybe please pass it around?


#ThadCochran So What’s REALLY Going On In The Primaries? Why Is The OLD Republican Guard Winning?

So What Is REALLY Going On In The Primaries? Why Is The OLD Republican Guard Winning

Last night, the old bag,  Thad Cochran won the primary in Mississippi.. How is that so?

You see, Communist “Democrats” are a patient lot of miscreants. ‘The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.’ -Alinsky.   The reason Thad Cochran won is because tens of thousands of Democrats re-register as Republicans way before the primaries.  They obviously voted for Cochran.  Having an old, go-along-to-get-along Republican is better than a patriot who wants to stop big government to these lunatic Communists.

It is against the law in Mississippi to vote for a Republican if you are a registered DemocratThis article explains that.

So, this is why they change their party.  Then, they simply change it back to democrat before the election.  And, now the Democrat candidate could possibly win in a landslide come November..who knows..

Cochran was not popular at all.  So, he honestly did not win.  Ditto Mitch McConnell, Boehner and Graham.  Congress approval is at what? 10%?  You do the math and then tell me something nefarious didn’t happen.


There is NO way this OLD man won fairly:

cochran060214 445x305 Thad Cochran’s Mississippi

Against this young, fresh man:

Sen. Chris McDaniel announced Thursday, Oct. 17 that he will run for U.S. Congress in 2014.

Cochran’s campaign said that McDaniel was a racist.  How so?  I can guarantee you, 100% – that McDaniel has been brainwashed (like the rest of the nation) to believe that only whites are racists.  He is not ‘racist’ at all.  Liars.

I must reiterate that the old guard should be THROWN out – by force.


Inhofe: “Obama Thinks He’s Above The Law.” Inhofe Will Do Nothing To Stop Obama B/c He’s BLACK. Period!

Inhofe: “Obama Thinks He’s Above The Law.” Inhofe Will Do Nothing To Stop Obama B/c He’s BLACK. Period

Inhofe Bobble Head

The Democrats AND the Republicans will do absolutely nothing to Obama.  They say; “Obama thinks he is above the law”, but they do nothing because people’s lives are not important.  Obama’s bloodshed & murder is not important in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt.  Nothing is more important to these idiots except being called a ‘racist.’  Out of control black on white crime here in the states is not important.  Over 2,500 civilians murdered by Obama’s drones in Paki and Yemen is unimportant.  

Aiding NAZI’s in Ukraine is not more important than being called a bigot.  Obama funding the Syrian savage ‘rebels’ is not more important that the left claiming you are prejudiced for questioning Obama’s insane policies.   The IRS Scandal, Benghazi, Bergdahl, Fast and furious—none of these SNAFUs are more important than being called a racist.    The country can burn and go to hell—-as long as you are not a racist, bigot, hater, etc.

Let it all burn, baby, BURN.. Let the nation get nuked! As long as we are not RACISTS!!!!

@Toure Turns On The Jews. Jew Benefitted From “Power Of Whiteness” After The Holocaust @MSNBC

@Toure Turns On The Jews. Jew Benefitted From The “Power Of Whiteness” After The Holocaust

My responses to a nasty, whiny, black Toure supporter:

2 Liberal Jews from NYC: Goodman and Schwerner DIED so that DREK like this could shit on them.  Jews were MURDERED during the Civil rights era so this evil, white-hating, black supremacist could steal from America. Fact.  Liberal Jews are f’n dumb.

A home decor collage from November 2013

Obama’s Freudian Slip In Malaysia & How Many Blacks ARE Slaves To The DNC. ‘Jimmy Cracked Corn’

Obama’s Freudian Slip In Malaysia & Many Blacks ARE Slaves To The DNC. “Jimmy Cracked Corn’

Obama was in Malaysia where the Malaysians protested him because he is hated there as much as anywhere else.. But, he told a Freudian truth: Obama Condemns ENTIRE US for NBA Owner’s Racist Comments in Malaysia – Says US Still Wrestles With Slavery (Video)

Here are the facts about Obama’s Democrat blacks:

  • Many blacks in America live in tiny quarters that the liberals call ‘projects.’
  • Many blacks are on food stamps and welfare, they have food rationing.  On EBT and welfare, there are certain foods that one cannot buy because the food is regulated.
  • Many blacks graduate with a 27% average in school because it’s ‘racism’ to not graduate them.  Many are uneducated because of this.
  • Majority of Obama’s blacks are in the Democrat party, up to 87% and the DNC tells them WHO to voted for: The Democrats.

FACTS about slavery:

  • Black slaves lived in tiny quarters.
  • Black slaves had rationed food: Popcorn was a big snack for blacks as whites ate cake
  • Blacks slaves were not educated and would have probably been at a 27% or less education average like many blacks are now.
  • Black slaves, who were freed by the Union army were told ‘who’ to vote for.  Why?  Because they gave them 40 acres and a mule.

What is the difference in then verses now?

Blacks democrat slaves who live in the ‘projects’ and exist on welfare do not have to work. 

We can all see where Jim Crow is still alive:   The Democrat Party.

This is why I do not react at all to racist accusations.  Because I have ALWAYS known who the real haters of minorities, mentally ill, elderly and basic humanity are:  The Democrats who enslave minority and sick Americans in a psychological noose.  Minorities & others should be able to determine their own future without big government, even if they fail.  At least they would be able to say that they were never ‘3/5ths of a person.’

Jimmy “Gimme” Crack Corn (children’s song)

My husband exposes black on white crime here because we expect black citizens to act like every other citizen, yet, they call my husband racist…

W H A T E V E R.

The Left Wing Probably Wants To Start WW3 Over “Racist’ Banana Pic

The Left Wing Probably Wants To Start WW3 Over “Racist’ Banana Pic

The left-wing is foaming at the mouth over the ‘racist’ banana picture that a former Russian figure-skating star tweeted last year.  Liberals are unhinged like the little rats they are.  If their man could not take the heat, get out of the kitchen.  This is politics….you stupid, Communist moonbats. 

Meanwhile…The left wing MSM pretends that ‘knock-out games’ are fictitious. Benghazi is a fabricated hoax that the ‘right wing’ made up to impeach poor Obama because the NYTimes says so.   IRS-gate is hype (according to the left)  and Fast & furious has been ‘debunked.’ 

The banana picture is an OUTRAGE but 2,400 Dead civilians as Obama’s drone campaign marks 5 years in the middle east is OK..

Stupid?  Hypocritical?  I believe so.  If all of the aforementioned transpired under a white, Republican Prez, we would have a more honest media…(Well, as honest as one can get being a liberal..)

An art collage from November 2013

On this outrage ‘racist’ pic: Russia’s Irina Rodnina Lights Olympic Flame: Tweeted ‘Racist’ Picture of President Obama Last Year

@JamiesAmerica True Story: My Best Friend Was Not Hired Because He Is White

True Story: My Best Friend Was Not Hired Because He Is White

In NAZI Germany, the Nazis closed down & vandalized Jewish businesses and didn’t hire Jews because they were Jews.  America has a similar issue: Many whites do not get hired because they are white in states where they are a minority.  Communist “Liberals” call this ‘Civil’ rights, Affirmative action.

This is a true story of an event that happened to my best friend in 2004 in California.  This is how “EOE” works for whites.  There is racism in America.  It’s called anti-white racism & it is institutionalized–schools teach that whites are ‘privileged.’

My best friend in this world is a Christian white (Aryan/Germanic) man with beautiful blond hair and blue eyes.
He looks just like Clark Gable only blonde.

He is a landscaper.  One time, he was looking for a position out in Carmel Valley, CA.   He is more than qualified.   After his interview, the employer decided they liked him. He had one more interview. The interview was with another white man who said: “Sorry, I can’t hire you, you’ll give my Mexicans a bad time.”

My friend has an IMPECCABLE, spotless record and has also won numerous ’employee of the year’ awards..He is also one of the most gentle, kindest people I know and would give the shirt off of his back to anyone – regardless of color or creed.     But, he was not hired because he is white.

This above piece of Communist propaganda was taken off of This post on “Buzzfeed.” The ‘artist’ is a young, teen female who believes that whites are privileged because the Communists have told her so. So, she makes anti-white art to make a ‘point.’

White people in America should not be made to pay for 1864 or 1964.   It’s 2014, now.  Are ‘progressives’ not supposed to progress???   Most of the white racists are dead who perp’d the crimes against black Americans in the 1960’s.  But still, the Communist left wants ‘social justice’ no matter how much misery they bring to future white Americans.  If we are to have an ‘equal’ society, we are supposed to treat ALL people equal, not just equality for black and brown America.  If schools keep teaching this lie that ‘whites are privileged’, just how long do you think it will be before all colored (black/brown/yellow) people  hate all whites, believing the LIE that they are ‘privileged’???  

Fact: Liberals are the true racists.  Are we not taught that Racism is racism regardless of race?