NYTimes Editorial: Obama Kills Foreign Civilians Overseas With NO Judicial Oversight Or Accountability

NYTimes Editorial: Obama Kills Foreign Civilians Overseas With NO Judicial Oversight Or Accountability


Obama has killed 55 people by drone in the last 3 days in Yemen, Claims all 55 were Al Qaeda, Sure… Click here…

SO, now we are at war in Yemen as well as Ukraine & still wanting to bomb Syria… John McCain is fixing to over-throw Maldova’s government and even the NY Slimes is crying foul over Obama’s killing for a change we can believe in:  Read all about it: NY Times…


For years now, the Obama administration has been playing a self-serving and duplicitous game over its power to kill people away from any battlefield and without judicial oversight or accountability. It has trotted out successive officials and doled out tidbits of information attesting to the legality of President Obama’s claim to unilateral authority to carry out such killings, while withholding information essential to evaluating that aggressive claim of executive power.

Russia’s Putin said that Obama rules by the gun, yet Putin is the Hitlerian fascist??  When do Americans put their heads back on and realize that everything our government is doing is anti Constitutional?  You cannot be pro-Constitution and be FOR this war mongering insanity.   If Bush did this, we would never hear the end of it.  Why does Obama get away with this mass murdering of civilian people?

Obama probably wants to use drones in Nevada against the Bundy’s.

Tom Brokaw Doesn’t Get That Americans Are Of Greater Importance Than Children In Afghan, Paki, Yemen

Tom Brokaw Doesn’t Get That Americans Are Of Greater Importance Than Children In Afghan, Paki, Yemen

George Washington was quoted: “Do not get involved in foreign entanglements”

We have not listened to that advice.  We are Americans! George W. is old school…

We are the worlds most important people.  Americans are GREAT people, doncha know?  We have only murdered 55 plus million babies ourselves, so what is a few more in the eastern lands?   Americans are of great value with our LGBT, beastiality, sex, divorce, rape, Commie government, anti-Christianity, Jew-hating, Marxist love-fest.

O’Reilly had every right to rip Brokaw a new asshole! Brokaw should know his place. You tow that ‘ol “America is great’ line, Mr. Brokaw.  How dare you care about some damned middle easterners that we terrorize in the name of our 13 year war. We are the worlds LEADING advocates for human rights.  Get a grip, TOM.

By the way:

PS: I used to be like O’Reilly.  I am not anymore. I am ashamed of this place we call America. This is NOT my America. I don’t know WTF it is–but, it’s NOT America.

Is A Political “Perfect Storm, False Flag” Event Being Set-Up & Staged By The Obama Regime?

First let me say that in my opinion, every problem this nation faces was CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT.  If you think Medicare is a wonderful govt. program that works well, guess again.  Those old enough may remember how cheap medical costs were before Medicare.

Now we have this putz, Barack Hussein Obama, that is manufacturing crisis after crisis.  First he refused to release his records, birth certificate and college transcripts, then it was debt ceiling after debt ceiling, hundreds of millions to failing green companies, the BP oil spill which was totally mishandled, high unemployment with false govt employment stats, tax hikes for the so called wealthy, sequester, proposed by the boy himself, even though he is now distancing himself from it as far as possible, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, boots on the ground in Africa, while Americans were out of work, pushing through unwanted healthcare, the tax hikes, astronomical budget deficits and debt he wont even try to fix, threatening some that have some recognition with threats for saying the sequester is Obama’s doing, including Bob Woodward of Watergate fame and Clinton dinosaur, Lanny Davis, Newtown and gun control, which could trigger a revolution.

Obama is going to make sequester as painful as he possibly can and the media will back him up.  There is even a story out that the Obama administration is fearing assassination by the military.  Will he do a false flag assassination attempt on his life?  In Israel, 1992, Yitzak Rabin tried that without too much success.

This is crisis management, jumping from one fire to the next, many of them the govt’s own doing.

Will Obama eventually declare Martial Law?  Stay tuned, same time, same channel, next week for the next thrilling episode in crisis by Barack Hussein Obama.

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-David Ben Moshe

Video-Jay Carney: ‘Drone Strikes Are Legal, Ethical & Wise’. We Should Drop Some On Carney & Co.

Did Carney ask the little children who were murdered by his drones in Yemen what they thought of his drone strikes?  Would Jay Carney have thought during the Bush years that drone strikes are OK?  The amazing hypocrisy of the ‘liberals’ is astounding to me.  Well, we have been warned that drones would be used to murder us.  So, let God see you fighting Obama’s drone war in other lands, perhaps you will be spared. Yemenese were murdered by Obama. Pakis. People in Mali, etc.  Drones are good for thee, bad for me.


Obama The INSANE Ordered Drone Strikes In Yemen On Christmas Eve, Murdering 7

While the Muslim, foreign usurper went to enjoy his little vacation on US taxpayers dime in HI, he ordered people droned and murdered on Christmas Eve in Yemen.

Where are the f’king ‘liberals’ to call out this bastards insanity?  Oh, they are out worshiping the freak.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know-they are just Muzzies.. So, who cares..It may be time now to think that there IS such a thing as blow-back, don’t you think?????

1st Of Obamas “Heroic” WAG THE DOG Drones To Hail Barack As ‘Hero’ Hits “Al Qaeda” In Yemen

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1st Of Obamas “Heroic” WAG THE DOG Drones To Hail Barack As ‘Hero’ Hits “Al Qaeda” In Yemen

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READ THE NEWS HERE: BREAKING: Drone Attack Reportedly Kills Al Qaeda Leader In Yemen

Here is the headline from today’s report via The New York Times:   Qaeda Branch Leader Said to Be Among Dead in Yemen Drone Strike

See these posts, below, and DO NOT FORGET what this administration is doing.

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Obama and his cronies are EVIL.  They removed this post I entered before. This blog is heavily monitored and has always been monitored.  Because of WordPress nazi-ism, Today we moved from WordPress to Hostgator.

Dictator In Chief~”No More War-Obama” Launching Airstrikes In Yemen~Where R The Liberals?

Breaking…war No. 4: Usa Intensifies Secret Yemen Airstrikes

DICTATOR-PSYCHOPATH, B. HUSSEIN Obama is now launching attacks in Yemen… Must be the “Zionists!” 

Where are the Liberals? Probably sucking Obamas nevermind..

Tell me HOW this is related to ISRAEL?  Yemen is near Somalia & Ethiopia. FAR away from Israel.

Still think Beck is nuts? Obama is the friggin 12th Imam.